3rd FCC-France / Higgs & ElectroWeak Factory Workshop, Annecy (Nov.30-Dec.2/2021)

LAPP Annecy (hybrid)

LAPP Annecy (hybrid)

Gregorio Bernardi (LPNHE Paris)

Dear Colleagues,

the third FCC-France / Higgs & ElectroWeak Factory workshop will take place at LAPP-Annecy in an Hybrid mode, although we hope that all speakers and many participants from France and abroad will be on-site to strengthen the collaboration.

The Workshop  will take place from Tuesday November 30, 2021 13:30 toThursday December 2, 15:30.

Registration for on-site participation will close on November 23rd. Practical information can be found in the registration section and in the practical information section. There is no registration fee, so please join us in Annecy. 

The detailed agenda is on-line

The workshop aims at intensifying French participation to the FCC feasibility study through concrete studies on physics and the constraints that this physics entails on detectors, in particular the physics of FCC-ee, but also FCC-hh. Detector R&D, and Progress  on Theory and on Accelerator for FCC will  be presented. Synergies with developments for the ILC will also be discussed in details.


The FCC collaboration (Future Circular Collider) has released in 2019 a CDR, proposing a research programme starting with an ee circular collider at very high luminosity and precision "Z,W, H and top factory", followed by a hadron collider @ 100 TeV. An ep collider is also envisaged.

-- links to the CDR and to the contributions to the European strategy:

Registration form
  • Agnès Dominjon
  • Alain Blondel
  • Aldo Deandrea
  • Alexander Belyaev
  • Alexandre Zabi
  • Amandine Bibet Chevalier
  • Andrea Jeremy
  • Andrey Boyarintsev
  • Ang LI
  • Angeles Faus-Golfe
  • Angeles Faus-Golfe
  • Antoine Lesauvage
  • Arif Akhundov
  • auguste besson
  • Aurore Savoy Navarro
  • Aurélien Martens
  • Ayres Freitas
  • Barbara Dalena
  • Benjamin Fuks
  • Bogdan MALAESCU
  • Carmelo Barbagallo
  • Christophe Grojean
  • Claire Adam
  • Claude Charlot
  • Clement Helsens
  • daniel fournier
  • Daniel Locke
  • David d'Enterria
  • Denis Grondin
  • Didier Contardo
  • Elie Aslanides
  • Elizabeth Locci
  • Emanuela Sirtori
  • Emmanuel Perez
  • Emmanuel Tsesmelis
  • Ennio Salvioni
  • Etienne Rochepault
  • etiennette auffray
  • Eva Montbarbon
  • Fahad Alharthi
  • Fairouz MALEK
  • Federica Gorgerino
  • Felix Sefkow
  • Francesco Costanza
  • Francesco Grancagnolo
  • Franco Bedeschi
  • Freddy Poirier
  • Gabriele Piazza
  • Giacomo Cacciapaglia
  • Giovanni LAMANNA
  • Giovanni Marchiori
  • Gitanjali Poddar
  • Gregorio Bernardi
  • Guillaume Garillot
  • Gérald Grenier
  • Haijun Yang
  • Hamza Abouabid
  • Hongping Jiang
  • Hwidong Yoo
  • Imad Laktineh
  • Irene Crespo Garrido
  • Iryna Chaikovska
  • Jacques Lefrancois
  • Jan Mickelle Maratas
  • jean zinn-justin
  • Jean-François Muraz
  • Jessica Leveque
  • Johannes Gutleber
  • Jonas Kunath
  • Juan Alcaraz Maestre
  • Julie CHAUDAN
  • Jürgen Reuter
  • Keerthi Nakkalil
  • Laurent Brunetti
  • Laurent Vacavant
  • Leslie Alix
  • Luc Poggioli
  • lucia di ciaccio
  • Luisa Ulrici
  • Manar Amer
  • Manuela Boscolo
  • Marc Knecht
  • Marc Winter
  • Marcin Chrzaszcz
  • Marco Delmastro
  • Marco Toliman Lucchini
  • Marie-Helene Schune
  • Marina Cobal
  • Marlon Barbero
  • Maxim Titov
  • Michael Benedikt
  • Min Sang RYU
  • Mogens Dam
  • Mohammad Mahdi Altakach
  • Mohammed Fouaidy
  • Nazar Semkiv
  • Nicola De Filippis
  • Nicolas Berger
  • Nicolas Morange
  • Ningyuan Hu
  • Olivier Mattelaer
  • Paolo Giacomelli
  • Pascal Gay-Alliot
  • Patrick Janot
  • Patrizia Azzi
  • Patrycja Laidouni
  • Paul Colas
  • Peiwen Wu
  • Pierre Boillon
  • Richard Ruiz
  • Roberto Salerno
  • Roberto Tenchini
  • Roy Aleksan
  • Salim Ogur
  • Sanghyun Ko
  • Serguei Ganjour
  • Stanislas Grabon
  • Stephane JEZEQUEL
  • Stephane Monteil
  • Stephanie Beauceron
  • Steve Muanza
  • Suheyla BILGEN
  • Sven Heinemeyer
  • Sylvie Braibant
  • Tadeusz Lesiak
  • Thomas Madlener
  • Thomas Papaevangelou
  • Timothy Watson
  • Valentin Volkl
  • Vincent Boudry
  • Ziad El Bitar
    • 12:00 PM
      Welcome Lunch Buffet / Arrive at any time between 12.00 and 13.15 to enjoy it !
    • Introduction, Status & Goals
      Conveners: Gregorio Bernardi (APC Paris CNRS/IN2P3) , Roy Aleksan (CEA-Saclay)
      • 1
      • 2
        e+e- collider efforts in France
        Speaker: Laurent Vacavant (IN2P3)
      • 3
        The FCC Feasibility and Innovative Studies
        Speaker: Michael Benedikt (CERN)
      • 4
        Potential role of Annecy in FCC
        Speaker: Giovanni LAMANNA (LAPP - IN2P3/CNRS)
      • 5
        FCC Innovative Study socio-economic impact
        Speaker: Leslie Alix
      • 6
        FCCIS: Engagement and Communication Strategy
        Speaker: Claire Adam (LAPP)
      • 7
        FCC as a global collaboration
        Speaker: Emmanuel Tsesmelis (CERN)
      • 8
        FCC-ee Physics potential and the PED organization
        Speaker: Patrick Janot (CERN)
    • 3:20 PM
      Coffee break
    • Accelerator session
      Convener: Angeles Faus-Golfe (IJClab)
      • 9
        Introduction to the accelerator sessions
        Speaker: Angeles Faus-Golfe (IJClab)
      • 10
        High Field Magnets R&D status update:
        Speaker: Etienne Rochepault (CEA Paris-Saclay)
      • 11
        Stability and positioning for FCCee
        Speaker: Eva Montbarbon
      • 12
        SRF R&D for FCCee
        Speaker: Mohammed Fouaidy (IPNO)
      • 13
        Optimization of e+ sources for FCCee
        Speaker: Salim Ogur (IJCLab)
    • 5:00 PM
      Tea break
    • Detectors Concepts and Software
      Convener: Mogens Dam
      • 14
        The Detector Concepts working group plans
        Speaker: Mogens Dam (Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen University)
      • 15
        The ECFA R&D roadmap
        Speaker: Felix Sefkow (DESY)
      • 16
        Examples of detector concept for FCC-ee: CLD & IDEA
        Speaker: Paolo Giacomelli (INFN Bologna)
      • 17
        Introduction to the Software for FCC
        Speaker: Clement helsens (CERN)
      • 18
        Software for detector concepts developments
        Speaker: Valentin Volkl (CERN)
      • 19
        Software for e+e- analysis
        Speaker: Thomas Madlener (DESY)
    • 7:15 PM
      Welcome Cocktail
    • Theory @ FCC(ee) and (hh)
      Convener: Giacomo Cacciapaglia (IP2I Lyon)
      • 20
        Introduction to the theory session
        Speaker: Giacomo Cacciapaglia (IP2I Lyon)
      • 21
        MadGraph5_aMC@NLO for ee colliders
        Speaker: Olivier Mattelaer (FNRS - CP3)
      • 22
        Determination of Dark Matter Properties at e+e- colliders
        Speaker: Alexander Belyaev (Southampton University)
      • 23
        A Z-portal to the dark sector at FCC-ee
        Speaker: Ennio Salvioni (CERN)
      • 24
        Neutrino physics in high-energy proton-proton collisions
        Speaker: Richard Ruiz (Institute of Nuclear Physics (IFJ) PAN)
      • 25
        Testing new-physics models with global comparisons to collider measurements
        Speaker: Mohammad Mahdi AlTakach
      • 26
        Testing charge-radius coupling of the composite Higgs boson at hadron colliders
        Speaker: Antoine LESAUVAGE
    • 11:10 AM
      Coffee break
    • Heavy Flavour, Taus, and QCD: Physics and Detector Contraints
      Convener: Stephane Monteil (Laboratoire de Physique de Clermont - UCA/IN2P3)
      • 27
        Introduction to the Heavy Flavour, Tau and QCD session
        Speaker: Stephane Monteil (Laboratoire de Physique de Clermont - UCA/IN2P3)
      • 28
        CP violation and determination of the bs "flat" unitarity triangle at FCCee
        Speaker: Emmanuel PEREZ (CERN)
      • 29
        Study of a rare Heavy Flavour particle decay at FCC-ee including tau particles in the Final State
        Speaker: Tristan Miralles
      • 30
        Perspectives for high-precision αS(mZ^2) determinations @ FCC-ee
        Speaker: Luc Poggioli (LPNHE Paris)
    • 12:45 PM
      Lunch break
    • R&D projects
      Convener: Jessica Leveque (LAPP)
      • 31
        CMOS status
        Speaker: auguste besson (Institut Pluridisciplinaire Hubert Curien)
      • 32
        DICE status
        Speaker: Marlon Barbero (CPPM)
      • 33
        Update of R&D on fast detector for ToF using Micromegas
        Speaker: Thomas Papaevangelou (CEA Saclay)
      • 34
        Calice for FCC
        Speaker: Vincent Boudry (LLR - CNRS, École polytechnique/IPP Paris)
      • 35
        Powder-O Calorimetry
        Speaker: Jacques Lefrançois (IJCLab)
      • 36
        Combining dual-readout crystals and fibers in a hybrid calorimeter for the IDEA experiment
        Speaker: Marco Toliman Lucchini (INFN & University of Milano-Bicocca)
      • 37
        The Euro-Grants R&D proposal
        Speaker: Paolo Giacomelli (INFN Bologna)
    • 4:10 PM
      Coffee break
    • Electroweak Physics: Physics and Detector Contraints
      Convener: lucia di ciaccio (lapp)
      • 38
        EW measurements: comparing theory and experiments
        Speaker: Ayres Freitas (Pittsburg)
      • 39
        Energy calibration and Luminosity : where do we stand ?
        Speaker: Alain Blondel (LPNHE Paris-Sorbonne)
      • 40
        Angular analysis of e+e- —> W+ W- final states at sqrt(s)=240 GeV
        Speaker: Jean-Loup RAYMOND (LAPP)
      • 41
        Study of the Z-boson couplings to heavy fermions at the Future Circular electron - positron Collider
        Speaker: Marina Cobal (Udine)
      • 42
        Tau Physics at Future e+e- colliders
        Speaker: Jean-Claude brient (LLR)
      • 43
        Searches for LLP at FCC-ee
        Speaker: Marcin Chrzaszcz (University of Zurich)
    • 8:00 PM
      Banquet in town
    • Higgs: Physics and detector constraints
      Convener: Suzanne GASCON-SHOTKIN (IPN Lyon)
      • 44
        The total e+e- → ZH cross section σHZ and mass measurement from the recoil
        Speaker: Ang LI (APC Paris)
      • 45
        The total e+e- → ZH cross section and the Higgs self-coupling σHZ
        Speaker: Roberto Salerno (LLR)
      • 46
        Higgs boson coupling measurements to charm quarks at FCC-ee
        Speaker: Giovanni Marchiori (APC Paris)
      • 47
        A combined fit of the Higgs branching ratio using ILD detector at Higgs Factory
        Speaker: Jonas Kunath (LLR)
      • 48
        Measurement of e+e- =>nunuH at future lepton Colliders (TBC)
        Speaker: Guillaume Garillot (IPNL)
    • 10:10 AM
      Coffee break
    • Top Physics and R&D
      Convener: jeremy andrea (IPHC)
      • 49
        top-antitop production in ee collisions at threshold
        Speaker: Jürgen Reuter (DESY Hamburg, Germany)
      • 50
        Latest top analyses in FCC framework
        Speaker: Patrizia Azzi (INFN)
      • 51
        Top + HF studies with polarized beams at 250 and 500 GeV
        Speaker: Yuichi Okugawa (IJCLab)
      • 52
        LAr Calorimeter for FCC-ee
        Speaker: Nicolas Morange ({CNRS}UMR9012)
      • 53
        Crystal and Crystal fiber R&D: the Luminescence Group of the Institut Lumière-Matière:
        Speaker: Christophe Dujardin (Institut Lumière Matière)
    • 12:15 PM
      Lunch break
    • Prospects from IN2P3
      • 54
        Prospects for e+e- factories as seen from INP23
        Speaker: Laurent Vacavant (IN2P3)
    • Special session FCC/ILC and Conclusions
      Conveners: Gregorio Bernardi (APC Paris CNRS/IN2P3) , Roy Aleksan (CEA-Saclay)
      • 55
        CEPC workshop report
        Speaker: Haijun Yang (SJTU Shanghai)
      • 56
        Report on ILCX workshop
        Speaker: Marc WINTER (IPHC - IN2P3/CNRS)
      • 57
        Possibilities/reconstruction with a high granularity Calorimeter in FCC
        Speaker: Gérald Grenier (IPN Lyon/Université Lyon 1)
      • 58
        Possibilities with timing in calorimetry
        Speaker: Roman Poeschl (LAL Orsay)
      • 59
        Possibilities with timing in tracking (needs of FCC vs ILC)
        Speaker: Didier Contardo (IN2P3/CNRS)
      • 60
        General Discussion
      • 61
        Next steps, next workshops