Cosmic rays & their interstellar medium environment CRISM-2011

Montpellier, France

Montpellier, France

Polytech Université Montpellier II
Alexandre Marcowith (LPTA universite Montpellier II), Andreï Bykov (Ioffe Institut), Daniele Galli (Arcetri observatory Italy), Katia Ferrière (Laboratoire d'astrophysique de Toulouse), Patrick Hennebelle (LRA-ENS), Thierry Montmerle (I.A.P.), Yves Gallant (L.P.T.A.)

Cosmic rays and their interstellar medium environment (CRISM-2011) Cosmic rays are a major component of the interstellar medium. They share an equivalent energy density with the magnetic field and the interstellar gas. At low energies cosmic rays probably take an active part in the dynamics of the structures of the interstellar medium. They contribute to its ionisation. They produce a force through their pressure gradient over the magnetised fluid. They generate plasma waves and magnetic turbulence. This turbulence has in turn a key role in the evolution of molecular gas and in the star formation cycle. At high energies cosmic rays are identified by their interaction with the molecular gas and produce neutral and charged pions and secondary particles (gamma rays, electron-positron and potentially neutrinos). Cosmic rays are also responsible for the spallation nucleosynthesis of light and stable and radioactive elements. Cosmic rays are likely produced during episodes of supernova explosion. A large fraction of these supernovae explode as a result of the collapse of the core of massive stars. Massive stars, their evolution and the way they shape their environment appear also to have a central role in the cosmic ray production. Cosmic rays turn to be a key ingredient in the local and global dynamics of the interstellar medium. But this is only very recently since this component started to be integrated in the modelling of the interstellar medium evolution. The main objective of this international workshop is to contribute to a better account of the multiple effects of the energetic component of the interstellar medium.

The subjects covered by this workshop and the invited speakers are: 
  • Cosmic ray sources: high energy cosmic rays and molecular clouds. • Gamma-ray observations of supernova remnants: (Y.Gallant - LPTA - France) • X-ray observations of supernova remnants: (M.Miceli-Palermo Observatory-Italy) • Radio observations of supernova remnant shells and CO measurements (G.Dubner - Iafe - Argentina) • Interaction of supernova remnants with molecular clouds: OH masers (D.Frail - NRAO - USA) • Massive stars: Massive star winds properties (J.Puls- Munich university - Germany)- Supernova propagation in the circumstellar medium (V.Dwarkadas - University of Chicago- USA)-Massive star clusters and high energy observations (T.Montmerle - IAP - France). 
  • Cosmic ray sources: Theoretical aspects • Particle acceleration in supernova remnants and around massive stars (A.M. Bykov - Ioffe Institute-Russia) • Cosmic ray escape and their interaction with molecular clouds (S.Gabici- APC -France) • The cosmic ray streaming instability (E.Amato - Arcetri Observatory - Italy)
  • Survey of the properties of the interstellar medium: • Magnetic fields in the interstellar medium (K.M. Ferrière - LAT - France) • Numerical modelling of the turbulent interstellar medium (P.Hennebelle- LERMA-France) • Impact of cosmic rays over the thermal instability (T.Hartquist- Leeds university) • Cosmic-ray driven galactic winds (H.Völk-MPI Kernphysik Heidelberg-Germany) • Cosmic-ray driven magnetic dynamo (M.Hanasz-Torun Univ.-Poland) • The first stars and cosmic rays (E. Rollinde- IAP France) Cosmic ray propagation and interaction in the interstellar medium: • Direct observations (L.Derome - LPSC - France) • Spallation interaction (V.Tatischeff - CSNSM - France) • Models cosmic rays propagation: Propagation in the interstellar medium (V.Ptuskin-IZMIRAN-Russia)- Propagation in the interplanetary medium and connection with the local cosmic ray spectrum (H.Fichtner - Inst. Ther.Phys. Bochum - Germany)
  • Ionisation of the interstellar medium and circumstellar discs: • Constraints on the ionisation rate (C.Ceccarelli - LAOG - France) • Production of radicals (E.Herbst - Ohio State University - USA) • Effects on the gravitational collapse of molecular clouds (M.Fatuzzo - Xavier University- USA) • Possible impact of cosmic rays on Earth climate (I.Usoskin, Geophysical Oulu observatory, Finland)
Local organising commitee F.Acero, J. Cohen-Tanugi, S. Colaiocco (Secr), M. Delpont (Secr), F. Feinstein, Y. Gallant, A. Marcowith, F. Martins, D. Talbi, M.Renaud. 

Scientific organising committee A.Bykov, K.Ferrière, Y. Gallant, D. Galli, P. Hennebelle, A. Marcowith, T. Montmerle.

The conference is supported by:
  • Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) - IN2P3 & INSU
    • GDR phénomènes cosmiques de haute énergie PCHE
    • Programme national de physique chimie du milieu interstellaire PCMI
    • Programme national de physique stellaire PNPS 
  • Université Montpellier II des sciences et techniques.

  • Adnan Erkurt
  • Alexandre Faure
  • Alexandre Marcowith
  • Andrea Giuliani
  • Andrei Bykov
  • Andrey Beresnyak
  • Ankan Das
  • Antje Putze
  • Cecilia Ceccarelli
  • Christian Farnier
  • Christian Fernando Mejía Guamán
  • Dahbia Talbi
  • Dale Frail
  • Daria Kosenko
  • Dejan Urošević
  • Edouard Bard
  • Elena Amato
  • Emmanuel Rollinde
  • Eric Herbst
  • Eric Josselin
  • Estelle Bayet
  • Fabio Acero
  • Fabrice Martins
  • Falletti Lola
  • Francesco Giordano
  • Franck Le Petit
  • Francois Boulanger
  • Frederic Effenberger
  • Giovanni Morlino
  • Guruprasad M.R
  • Harvey Liszt
  • Horst Fichtner
  • Ignasi Reichardt
  • Igor Telezhinsky
  • Ilias Cholis
  • Ilya Usoskin
  • Isabelle Grenier
  • jean-christophe david
  • Jerome PETY
  • Joachim Puls
  • Julien Lavalle
  • Jérémie MÉHAULT
  • Katia Ferrière
  • Khaled Khelfi
  • Klara Schure
  • Laurent Derome
  • Liton Majumdar
  • Luigi Tibaldo
  • Marco Miceli
  • Marco Padovani
  • Marianne Lemoine-Goumard
  • Matthieu Renaud
  • Michal Hanasz
  • Nikos Prantzos
  • Patrick Hennebelle
  • Paul Rimmer
  • Pierrick Martin
  • Q. Daniel Wang
  • Renzo Capelli
  • Roberto Iuppa
  • Ryan Chaves
  • Sabrina Casanova
  • Salvatore Orlando
  • sedrati rafik
  • Sladjana Nikolic
  • Stefano Gabici
  • Tatiana Barlyaeva
  • Theresa Brandt
  • Thierry Montmerle
  • Timur Delahaye
  • Tom Hartquist
  • Vikram Dwarkadas
  • Vincent Tatischeff
  • Vladimir Ptuskin
  • Voelk Heinrich
  • Yasuo Fukui
  • Yulia Kartavykh
  • Yutaka Fujita
  • Yves Gallant