Second AGATA-GRETINA tracking arrays collaboration meeting

CSNSM Bat 108

CSNSM Bat 108


This is  the second AGATA-GRETINA collaboration meeting! The meeting has been devoted to discussions about common challenges related to tracking arrays, including the physics, technical details and analysis of data from these arrays. We intend to organize this collaboration meeting on a yearly or bi-yearly basis, alternating between meeting places in the US and the EU. We hope these collaboration meetings will foster collaborations between the AGATA and GRETINA communities and help define and accomplish our common goals.

It was great to see you in Orsay and  Thank you for your inputs!


Amel Korichi:

Torben Lauritsen:



  • Amel KORICHI
  • Andres Gadea
  • Andy Boston
  • Araceli Lopez-Martens
  • Bartolomeo De Canditiis
  • Benoit Pirard
  • Bénédicte Million
  • Carl Unsworth
  • Christopher Campbell
  • Clément DELAFOSSE
  • Daniel R. Napoli
  • David C Radford
  • David Rousseau
  • Denis LINGET
  • Eric Legay
  • Etienne Dupont
  • Francois Didierjean
  • Fraser Thomas Holloway
  • Gilbert Duchêne
  • Heather Crawford
  • Herbert Hess
  • Joa Ljungvall
  • Jonathan Paul Wright
  • Juergen Gerl
  • Jérémie Dudouet
  • Jérémie Jacob
  • Karl Hauschild
  • Lars Lewandowski
  • Laura Harkness-Brennan
  • Marie-Odile Lampert
  • Mario Cromaz
  • Michael Patten Carpenter
  • Mitch Allmond
  • Nabil Karkour
  • Nicolas DOSME
  • Obed Shirinda
  • Olivier STEZOWSKI
  • Partha CHOWDHURY
  • Patrick Le Jeannic
  • Paul Fallon
  • Peter C Bender
  • Rouven Hirsch
  • Samuel Lynn Tabor
  • Stefanos Paschalis
  • Torben Lauritsen
  • Vicente González
  • Vincent Lellasseux
  • Wolfram KORTEN
  • Xavier Grave
  • Xavier LAFAY
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