Shapes and Symmetries in Nuclei: from Experiment to Theory (SSNET'18 Conference)

Costel Petrache (CSNSM, Université Paris Sud and CNRS/IN2P3) , Jerzy Dudek (IPHC and Universite de Strasbourg)

The SSNET 2018 Conference, hosted by the Centre de Sciences Nucléaires et Sciences de la Matière (CSNSM) in Orsay, was held at the I2BC auditorium on the CNRS campus in Gif-sur-Yvette, France, from November 5th to the 9th, 2018.   

As in the previous -and successful!- editions, the conference aims at strengthening the international collaboration between the nuclear structure physicists from France, Europe and other laboratories all around the world. It allowed fruitful discussions on recent experimental and theoretical aspects of nuclear structure related to the manifestation and description of the various shapes and geometrical symmetries of the nucleus as well as other symmetries and symmetry breaking.



Organizing committee: Alain Astier, Isabelle Deloncle, Etienne Dupont, Amel Korichi, Radomira Lozeva, BingFeng Lv, Costel Petrache (chair), Jerzy Dudek (co-chair)


Conference secretary: Émilie Bonnardel

Registration Form
  • Aaron Couture
  • Adriana Nannini
  • Alain Astier
  • Alessandro Pastore
  • Alexandrina Petrovici
  • Amel Korichi
  • Amelia Kosior
  • Amiram Leviatan
  • Anatoli Afanasjev
  • Andrea Vitturi
  • Anne Forney
  • Anu Kankainen
  • Anwesha Basu
  • Araceli Lopez-Martens
  • Bastian Schuetrumpf
  • Bingfeng Lv
  • Bogdan Fornal
  • Corina Andreoiu
  • Costel Petrache
  • Daniel Doherty
  • Dany Davesne
  • Dimitar Tonev
  • Dirk Weisshaar
  • Eiji Ideguchi
  • Elena Lawrie
  • Etienne Dupont
  • Ferruccio Renzoni
  • Francois Didierjean
  • Frantisek Knapp
  • Genis Musulmanbekov
  • Gianluca Colò
  • Gopal Mukherjee
  • Guoxiang Dong
  • Heather Crawford
  • Himanshu Kumar Singh
  • Igor Izosimov
  • Ingemar Ragnarsson
  • Irene Dedes
  • Isabelle Deloncle
  • Jacek Dobaczewski
  • Jack Henderson
  • James Cubiss
  • Jan Kvasil
  • Janne Pakarinen
  • Javier Menendez
  • Jerzy Dudek
  • Jie Meng
  • Jie Yang
  • John Wood
  • José Enrique García-Ramos
  • Jozsef Cseh
  • Kamila Sieja
  • Kasia Hadynska-Klek
  • Katarzyna Wrzosek-Lipska
  • Katsuhisa Nishio
  • Kazuyuki Sekizawa
  • Ken-ichiro Arita
  • Khuyagbaatar Jadambaa
  • Kouhei Washiyama
  • Krzysztof Pomorski
  • Kuankuan Zheng
  • Kwame Appiah
  • Laurent Audouin
  • Laurent Gaudefroy
  • Liam Gaffney
  • Lysandra Batail
  • Magda Zielinska
  • Magdalena Gorska
  • Manuel Caamaño
  • Marcella Grasso
  • Marek Ploszajczak
  • Mariya Yavahchova
  • Mark Spieker
  • Masaki Sasano
  • Michael Block
  • Michal Kowal
  • Michiharu Wada
  • Mitch Allmond
  • Modesto Montoya Zavaleta
  • Mohamed Mouadil
  • Naofumi Tsunoda
  • Nikolay Minkov
  • Noam Gavrielov
  • Olivier Vasseur
  • Partha Chowdhury
  • Pascal Quirin
  • Paul Garrett
  • Paul Greenlees
  • Petr Navratil
  • Petr Vesely
  • Petrica Buganu
  • Philip Walker
  • Philippe Quentin
  • Pierre Becker
  • Piet Van Isacker
  • Pieter Doornenbal
  • Purnima Singh
  • Qibo Chen
  • R.Burcu Cakirli
  • Radomira Lozeva
  • Ramon Wyss
  • Ranabir Banik
  • Ren Li
  • Richard Casten
  • Roderick Clark
  • Roelof Bijker
  • Ronald Fernando Garcia Ruiz
  • Saba Ansari
  • Said Boudhaim
  • Sebastian Raeder
  • Song Guo
  • Sophie Péru
  • Steven Yates
  • Takaharu Otsuka
  • Tamara Korbut
  • Tamara Niksic
  • Thifhelimbilu Daphney Bucher
  • Tingting Sun
  • Tuomas Grahn
  • Volker Werner
  • Wei Zhang
  • Wen Hui Long
  • Wojciech Satula
  • Wolfram Korten
  • Xiao-Tao He
  • Yang Sun
  • Yoshihiro Aritomo
  • Youssra Elabssaoui
  • Yutaka Utsuno
  • Zsolt Podolyak
    • 8:30 AM
    • Opening Session
      • 1
        Speakers: Etienne Augé (Université Paris Saclay) , Jean-Antoine Scarpaci (CSNSM)
    • Session 1: Transitional nuclei 1
      Convener: Richard Casten (Yale University)
      • 2
        Partial dynamical symmetries for transitional nuclei
        Speaker: Amiram Leviatan (Racah Institute of Physics, The Hebrew University)
      • 3
        On shape coexistence and quantum phase transitions: Lead and Zirconium regions
        Speaker: José Enrique García-Ramos (University of Huelva)
      • 4
        Overview of Proxy-SU(3)
        Speaker: Richard Casten (Yale University)
      • 5
        Predictions of Proxy-SU(3) for g-band to ground band B(E2)-values
        Speaker: R.Burcu Cakirli (Istanbul University)
    • 10:50 AM
      Coffe break
    • Session 2: Transitional nuclei 2
      Convener: Richard Casten (Yale University)
      • 6
        Transfer reactions in transitional regions
        Speaker: Andrea Vitturi (Dipartimento di Fisica e Astronomia Padova)
      • 7
        Prolate-oblate shape coexistence in N~60 Se isotopes
        Speaker: Volker Werner (TU Darmstadt)
      • 8
        Shape coexistence and collective low-spin states in 112,114Sn studied with the (p,p'g) DSA coincidence technique
        Speaker: Mark Spieker (NSCL/MSU)
      • 9
        Shape evolution in neutron-rich Zr isotopes
        Speaker: Purnima Singh (IRFU, CEA, Université Paris-Saclay)
      • 10
        Interplay between shape coexistence and QPT in Zirconium isotopes
        Speaker: Noam Gavrielov (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
    • 1:10 PM
    • Session 3: Density Functional Theory 1
      Convener: Jie Meng (School of Physics, Peking University)
      • 11
        Recent progress of nuclear dynamics studies with TDDFT
        Speaker: Kazuyuki Sekizawa (Niigata University)
      • 12
        Super- and hyper-heavy nuclei in CDFT: recent results
        Speaker: Anatoli Afanasjev (Mississippi State University)
      • 13
        Quadrupole shape uctuations in nuclei and collective Hamiltonian method within Skyrme EDF
        Speaker: Kouhei Washiyama (University of Tsukuba)
      • 14
        Relativistic effects in triggering the N=34 magic shell of Ca-54
        Speaker: Wen Hui Long (School of Nuclear Science and Technology, Lanzhou University)
    • 3:40 PM
      Coffe break
    • Session 4: Density Functional Theory 2
      Convener: Jie Meng (School of Physics, Peking University)
      • 15
        Properties of 229Th within the state-of-the-art nuclear DFT calculations
        Speaker: Jacek Dobaczewski (University of York)
      • 16
        Toroidal mode in nuclei
        Speaker: Jan Kvasil (Institute for Particle and Nuclear Physics, MFF, Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic)
      • 17
        IMME within isospin-symmetry-breaking DFT
        Speaker: Wojciech Satula (University of Warsaw, Faculty of Physics, Institute of Theoretical Physics)
      • 18
        High-K isomers in rare-earth neutron-rich nuclei by PNC-CSM method
        Speaker: Xiao-Tao He (College of Material Science and Technology, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics)
      • 19
        Multiple chiral doublets in four-j shells particle rotor model: five possible chiral doublet bands in 136Nd
        Speaker: Qibo Chen (Peking University)
      • 20
        Applications of equation of motion phonon method in various neutron-rich Oxygen and Calcium isotopes
        Speaker: Petr Vesely (Nuclear Physics Institute, Czech Academy of Sciences)
    • 6:30 PM
      Welcome cocktail
    • Session 5E: Experiment 1
      Convener: Philip Walker (University of Surrey)
      • 21
        Nuclear structure of the transitional Xe isotopes from density inelastic neutron scattering functionals
        Speaker: Steven Yates (University of Kentucky)
      • 22
        Studies of semi-magic Tin nuclei using large g-ray spectrometers
        Speaker: Corina Andreoiu (Simon Fraser University)
      • 23
        New insights on evolution of collectivity in the vicinity of 168Os
        Speaker: Tuomas Grahn (University of Jyväskylä)
      • 24
        Coriolis Mixing in 2-qp isomer in 164Gd and other N=100 isotones
        Speaker: Laurent Gaudefroy (CEA-France)
    • Session 5T: Theory 1
      Convener: Jacek Dobaczewski (University of York)
      • 25
        Single-particle levels in cluster potentials
        Speaker: Roelof Bijker (ICN-UNAM)
      • 26
        A beyond-mean-field description for nuclear excitation spectra: applications of the subtracted second random-phase approximation
        Speaker: Marcella Grasso (IPN-Orsay)
      • 27
        Calculations of isospin triplet states in the mass A~60-80 region
        Speaker: Ramon Wyss (KTH)
      • 28
        New results for odd nuclei: theoretical assessment and extensions of the Hybrid Configuration Mixing model
        Speaker: Gianluca Colò (Dipartimento di Fisica, Università degli Studi, and INFN, Milano)
    • 10:40 AM
      Coffe break
    • Session 6E: Experiment 2
      Convener: Magdalena Gorska (GSI Darmstadt)
      • 29
        Tri-axiality in 110Ru from Coulomb excitation
        Speaker: Daniel Doherty (University of Surrey)
      • 30
        Spectroscopy of neutron-rich Ca and Ni isotopes with SEASTAR
        Speaker: Pieter Doornenbal (RIKEN)
      • 31
        Test of the N=50 neutron gap in the vicinity of 78Ni and systematics of neutron-rich Ge nuclei
        Speaker: François Didierjean (IPHC)
      • 32
        Neutron-rich nuclei with N>=126
        Speaker: Zsolt Podolyak (University of Surrey)
    • Session 6T: Theory 2
      Convener: Philippe Quentin (CENBG)
      • 33
        Octupole vibrations in super-heavy nuclei and K-mixing for isomeric states with the QRPA formalism
        Speaker: Sophie Péru (CEA/DAM-Ile-de-France, Service de Physique Nucléaire)
      • 34
        Fine structure of b-decay strength function in spin-isospin SU(4) symmetry, and SU(4) region
        Speaker: Igor Izosimov (Joint Institute for Nuclear Research)
      • 35
        Competition between the tetrahedral and octahedral symmetry deformations in exotic nuclei
        Speaker: Irene Dedes (Postdoc at UMCS)
      • 36
        Linear response formalism for nite-range interactions and nite-size instabilities
        Speaker: Dany Davesne (Institut de Physique Nucléaire de Lyon)
    • 12:45 PM
    • Session 7E: Experiment 3
      Convener: Roderick Clark (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
      • 37
        t-bands in the mass A~130 region
        Speaker: Philip Walker (University of Surrey)
      • 38
        Towards ultra-cold gases of Caesium, progress and perspectives
        Speaker: Ferruccio Renzoni (University College London)
      • 39
        Study of super-deformation in 42Ca with Coulomb excitation
        Speaker: Katarzyna Hadynska-Klek (University of Surrey)
      • 40
        Nuclear structure studies at IGISOL
        Speaker: Anu Kankainen (University of Jyväskylä)
    • Session 7T: Theory 3
      Convener: Marcella Grasso (IPN-Orsay)
      • 41
        Nuclear shapes for the critical point of the U(5)-SU(3) nuclear shape phase transition
        Speaker: Petrica Buganu (Horia Hulubei - National Institut of Physics and Nuclear Engineering)
      • 42
        Symmetry adapted SU(3) no-core shell model with importance sampling
        Speaker: Frantisek Knapp (Charles University in Prague)
      • 43
        Shape coexistence in neutron deficient Hg isotopes
        Speaker: Alessandro Pastore (University of York)
      • 44
        Nuclear structure and dynamics from ab initio theory
        Speaker: P. Navratil
    • 3:40 PM
      Coffe break
    • Session 8E: Experiment 4
      Convener: Costel Petrache (University Paris-Sud)
      • 45
        Studying rotational bands in triaxial nuclei with quasiparticle-rotor model
        Speaker: Elena Lawrie (iThemba LABS)
      • 46
        Triaxiality, octupole correlation, and pseudo-spin symmetry in 131Ba
        Speaker: Song Guo (Institute of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Science, Lanzhou)
      • 47
        The DESPEC project at GSI/FAIR
        Speaker: Magdalena Gorska (GSI Darmstadt)
      • 48
        Study of exotic excitations in nuclei near spherical and deformed shell gaps using INGA
        Speaker: Gopal Mukherjee (Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre, Kolkata)
      • 49
        Recent experiments performed with GRETINA
        Speaker: Dirk Weisshaar (NSCL/Michigan Sate University)
      • 50
        First spectroscopy of 40Mg
        Speaker: Heather Crawford (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
    • Session 8T: Theory 4
      Convener: Jerzy Dudek
      • 51
        Quantum phase transitions and shape evolution in nuclei
        Speaker: Takaharu Otsuka (Department of Physics, University of Tokyo)
      • 52
        Coexistence phenomena in neutron-rich A~100 nuclei within the beyond-mean- eld approach
        Speaker: Alexandrina Petrovici (IFIN-HH)
      • 53
        Point symmetry and nuclear octupole bands
        Speaker: Nikolay Minkov (Institute of Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences)
      • 54
        Shape transition with temperature of the pear-shaped nuclei in covariant density functional theory
        Speaker: Wenqiang Zhang (Institute of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
      • 55
        Configuration assignments for the extensive level scheme of 167Lu
        Speaker: Ingemar Ragnarsson (Lund University)
      • 56
        Nuclear structure studies based on energy density functionals
        Speaker: Tamara Niksic (Department of physics, Faculty of science, University of Zagreb)
    • Poster Session & Cocktail
    • Session 9: Fission 1
      Convener: Dr Katsuhisa Nishio (Japan Atomic Energy Agensy)
      • 57
        The SOFIA experiments on fission yields: recent results and perspectives
        Speaker: Laurent Audouin (Université Paris-Sud)
      • 58
        Fission dynamics of Fermium isotopes using Langevin equations
        Speaker: Yoshihiro Aritomo (Kindai University)
      • 59
        Fission in inverse kinematics: a new window to experimental observables
        Speaker: Manuel Caamaño (Universidade de Santiago de Compostela)
      • 60
        Fission studies using multi-nucleon transfer reactions
        Speaker: Katsuhisa Nishio (JAEA)
    • 10:30 AM
      Coffe break
    • Session 10
      Convener: Dr Katsuhisa Nishio (Japan Atomic Energy Agensy)
      • 61
        Electron-capture delayed fission in the heaviest nuclei
        Speaker: J. Khuyagbaatar
      • 62
        Shapes and symmetries in fission of (super) heavy nuclei
        Speaker: Michal Kowal (NCBJ)
      • 63
        Fission study project in RIKEN RIBF: towards the complete measurement of fission observables
        Speaker: Masaki Sasano (RIKEN Nishina Center)
      • 64
        Semiclassical origin of the asymmetric nuclear fission - The pre-fragment shell effect in the periodic-orbit theory
        Speaker: Ken-ichiro Arita (Department of Physics, Nagoya Institute of Technology)
      • 65
        Correlation between the average number of emitted neutrons and the mass yield of fragments from thermal neutron induced fission of 235U
        Speaker: Modesto Montoya Zavaleta (Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería, Lima, Perú)
    • 12:55 PM
    • 3:00 PM
      Bus to Paris and Excursion

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      Free time in Paris

    • 7:30 PM
      Conference Dinner (Paris)
    • 10:00 PM
      Bus to Gif_sur-Yvette
    • Session 11: Heavy Nuclei 1
      Convener: Paul Greenlees (University of Jyväskylä)
      • 66
        Decay-spectroscopy and lifetime measurements of super-heavy nuclei
        Speaker: Araceli Lopez-Martens (CSNSM, IN2P3-CNRS, Université Paris Sud et Université Paris Saclay )
      • 67
        Nuclear structure of N>150 Pu-Cf nuclei and outlook with AGFA
        Speaker: Partha Chowdhury (University of Massachusetts Lowell)
      • 68
        Shape coexistence studies at JYFL and ISOLDE
        Speaker: Janne Pakarinen (University of Jyväskylä)
      • 69
        Charge radii in region of Au-Po at ISOLDE
        Speaker: James Cubiss (University of York)
    • 10:40 AM
      Coffe break
    • Session 12: Heavy Nuclei 2
      Convener: Michael Block (GSI/HIM/JGU)
      • 70
        Ground-state rotational bands in even-even heavy and super-heavy nuclei
        Speaker: Krzysztof Pomorski (Maria Curie Sklodowska University)
      • 71
        Alpha decay and fission of high-K isomers
        Speaker: Roderick Clark (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
      • 72
        Nuclear properties of Nobelium isotopes from laser spectroscopy
        Speaker: Sebastian Raeder (GSI Darmstadt)
      • 73
        Mass measurements of heavy elements at GARIS
        Speaker: Michiharu Wada (KEK)
      • 74
        Nuclear semi-bubbles in the heaviest elements
        Speaker: Bastian Schuetrumpf (TU Darmstadt / GSI)
    • 1:05 PM
    • Session 13: Shell Model 1
      Convener: Takaharu Otsuka (Department of Physics, University of Tokyo)
      • 75
        Extending applicability of large-scale shell-model calculations
        Speaker: Yutaka Utsuno (Japan Atomic Energy Agency)
      • 76
        Continuum shell model for nuclear structure and reactions
        Speaker: Marek Ploszajczak (GANIL)
      • 77
        Nuclear matrix elements to unveil the nature of neutrinos and dark matter
        Speaker: Javier Menéndez (Technical University Darmstadt)
      • 78
        Structure of neutron-rich nuclei via nuclear force and microscopic theory
        Speaker: Naofumi Tsunoda (Center for Nuclear Study, the University of Tokyo)
    • 3:55 PM
      Coffe break
    • Session 14: Shell Model 2
      Convener: Takaharu Otsuka (Department of Physics, University of Tokyo)
      • 79
        Shell model description of dipole strength at low energy and its impact on reaction rates
        Speaker: Kamila Sieja (Institut Pluridisciplinaire Hubert Curien)
      • 80
        Seniority and the Pandya relation
        Speaker: Piet Van Isacker (GANIL)
      • 81
        Nuclear shell model starting from deformed bases
        Speaker: Yang Sun (Shanghai Jiaotong University)
      • 82
        Nuclear shape isomers and shell model
        Speaker: Bogdan Fornal (IFJ PAN)
    • Session 15: Shapes and Shape Coexistence 1
      Convener: Paul Garrett (University of Guelph)
      • 83
        Investigation of the N=60 shape transition with low-energy Coulomb excitation
        Speaker: Magda Zielinska (CEA Saclay)
      • 84
        Deformation and shape coexistence studied with the Coulomb excitation in neutron-de cient Po and Hg isotopes
        Speaker: Katarzyna Wrzosek-Lipska
      • 85
        Shapes of neutron-rich Mo-Ru isotopes from Coulex and b-decay at CARIBU
        Speaker: Mitch Allmond (ORNL)
      • 86
        Study of shape co-existence in mass A~40 region
        Speaker: Eiji Ideguchi (RCNP, Osaka University)
    • 10:40 AM
      Coffe break
    • Session 16: Shapes and Shape Coexistence 2
      Convener: Jerzy Dudek
      • 87
        Coulomb excitation at Legnaro with SPIDER and opportunities at SPES
        Speaker: Adriana Nannini (INFN - Firenze)
      • 88
        Coulomb excitation studies at TRIUMF-ISAC
        Speaker: Jack Henderson (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)
      • 89
        Investigation of the octupole degree of freedom with Coulomb excitation
        Speaker: Liam Gaffney (University of the West of Scotland)
      • 90
        New aspects of shape coexistence in nuclei
        Speaker: John Wood (School of Physics, Georgia Institute of Technology)
      • 91
        Multiple shape coexistence in the Cadmium isotopes
        Speaker: Paul Garrett (University of Guelph)
    • 1:05 PM
    • Session 17: Various Issues 1
      Convener: Marcella Grasso (IPN-Orsay)
      • 92
        Precision laser spectroscopy for nuclear structure studies
        Speaker: Ronald Garcia Ruiz
      • 93
        From Quark Correlations to Nuclear Drip line
        Speaker: Genis Musulmanbekov (JINR, LIT)
      • 94
        Predicting neutron capture cross-sections from nuclear masses
        Speaker: Aaron Couture (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
    • 3:30 PM
      Coffe break
    • Session 18: Various Issues 2
      Convener: Costel Petrache (University Paris-Sud)
      • 95
        New Accelerator Center in Sofia: Present Status and Future
        Speaker: Dimitar Tonev (INRNE-BAS)
      • 96
        A new symmetry of shapes, shells, and clusters
        Speaker: Jozsef Cseh (MTA ATOMKI)
      • 97
        To be announced
    • Closing
      Convener: Costel Petrache (University Paris-Sud)