November 19, 2018
Amphi Charpak, Jussieu, Sorbonne Université
Europe/Paris timezone

One-day meeting on transgenerational epigenetic inheritance


The CNRS Research Networks GDR ADN and GDR ImaBio together with Sorbonne University are organizing in Paris on november monday 19th a one-day meeting on transgenerational epigenetic inheritance.

Why is the inheritance of epigenetic characters so remarkable in plants and so controversial in mammals? The aim of this one-day meeting is to identify the main differences between species in terms of inheritance mechanisms, within an evolutionary perspective. An additional objective is to generate modeling initiatives among the nucleome community.


International leaders in this field will present their current opinion on this hot and much debated topic.





    gdr ADN  RNSC    






Amphi Charpak, Jussieu, Sorbonne Université
L'amphi se trouve au niveau Saint Bernard (ou rez de chaussée) du campus Jussieu. Depuis le parvis du campus, aller à la tour 22, descendre d'un étage (niveau SB ou RC). L'amphi se situe entre les tours 22 et 23 sur le côté de la voirie interne. L'accès à l'amphi Charpak se fait par la porte 2233-SB-02 (il s'agit de la porte d'accès au hall d'accueil).
Registration for this event is currently open.