Shapes and Symmetries in Nuclei: from Experiment to Theory (SSNET'18 Conference)

Costel Petrache (CSNSM, Université Paris Sud and CNRS/IN2P3), Jerzy Dudek (IPHC and Universite de Strasbourg)

The SSNET 2018 Conference, hosted by the Centre de Sciences Nucléaires et Sciences de la Matière (CSNSM) in Orsay, will be held at the I2BC auditorium on the CNRS campus in Gif-sur-Yvette, France, from November 5th to the 9th, 2018.   

As in the previous -and successful!- editions, the conference aims at strengthening the international collaboration between the nuclear structure physicists from France, Europe and other laboratories all around the world. It will allow fruitful discussions on recent experimental and theoretical aspects of nuclear structure related to the manifestation and description of the various shapes and geometrical symmetries of the nucleus as well as other symmetries and symmetry breaking.


The site is still in preparation, please come regurlarly to be kept informed!


Organizing committee: Alain Astier, Isabelle Deloncle, Etienne Dupont, Amel Korichi, Radomira Lozeva, BingFeng Lv, Costel Petrache (chair), Jerzy Dudek (co-chair)


Conference secretary: Émilie Bonnardel

Registration Form
  • Adriana Nannini
  • Alessandro Pastore
  • Alexandrina Petrovici
  • Amiram Leviatan
  • Anatoli Afanasjev
  • Araceli Lopez-Martens
  • Bastian Schuetrumpf
  • Bing Wang
  • Corina Andreoiu
  • Costel Petrache
  • Dirk Weisshaar
  • Ferruccio Renzoni
  • Francois DIDIERJEAN
  • Frantisek Knapp
  • Igor Izosimov
  • Ingemar Ragnarsson
  • Jacek Dobaczewski
  • Jack Henderson
  • Jan Kvasil
  • Janne Pakarinen
  • Javier Menendez
  • José Enrique García-Ramos
  • Ken-ichiro Arita
  • Khuyagbaatar Jadambaa
  • Krzysztof Pomorski
  • Marcella Grasso
  • Mark Spieker
  • Michael Block
  • Mitch Allmond
  • Modesto Montoya Zavaleta
  • Paul Garrett
  • Petrica Buganu
  • Philippe QUENTIN
  • Pierre BECKER
  • Pragya Das
  • Purnima Singh
  • Richard Casten
  • Roelof Bijker
  • Stephanie Roccia
  • Steven Yates
  • Swati Modi
  • Tingting Sun
  • Tuomas Grahn
  • Wei Zhang
  • Wen Hui LONG
  • Wojciech Satula
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