Str. Campeggi, 53, 27100 Pavia PV, Italie

Dear colleagues,

CNAO and IN2P3 wish to strengthen their collaboration around scientific projects focused on innovative radiotherapy. During this workshop, teams from both organizations and their collaborators will present and discuss possible common research activities around four axes:

  • beam monitors, online control and dosimeters 
  • hadronbiology
  • BNCT
  • modeling

If you wish to participate in this workshop, please register before November 20th, 2021

Remote participation will be possible but we prefer to encourage your participation in person. 

Speakers will be asked to strictly adhere to the timing (10 minute-talks).

Speakers from Italy are kindly asked to email their slides in advance to and Speakers from France are kindly asked to email their slides in advance to

Also, on a voluntary basis, please prepare a public version of these slides that can be shared with other participants.

Note that we do not provide funding support to participate in this event.

Note that a green pass is mandatory to enter CNAO. Access conditions to Italy from France are given here.

Information for your venue is available here.

Looking forward to welcoming you to CNAO,

The organizing committee
CNAO : S. Rossi, M. Pullia, A. Serra, S. Meneghello;
IN2P3 : D. Dauvergne, M. Vanstalle, S. Incerti

  • Aicha Bourkadi Idrissi
  • Alessio Mereghetti
  • Andrea Pella
  • Angelica Facoetti
  • Anita Caracciolo
  • Anna Parravicini
  • anna vignati
  • Anne-Sophie WOZNY
  • Arianna Serra
  • Carlo Fiorini
  • Chiara Marazzi
  • Christian Finck
  • Claire Rodriguez-Lafrasse
  • Consuelo Guardiola
  • Dayron Ramos
  • Denis Dauvergne
  • Ester Orlandi
  • Etienne Testa
  • Fabrizio Murtas
  • Francesca Ballarini
  • Gianluca Vago
  • Giulia Sellaro
  • Hamid Ladjal
  • Lorenzo Manti
  • Marc Verderi
  • Marco Donetti
  • Marco Pullia
  • Marie Vanstalle
  • Marie-Laure Gallin-Martel
  • Mario Pietro Carante
  • Michele Ferrarini
  • Myriam Bernaudin
  • Nadine Sauzet
  • Nicolas ARBOR
  • Nicoletta Protti
  • Piergiorgio Cerello
  • Quentin Raffy
  • Ricardo Luis Ramos
  • Roberto Cirio
  • Roberto Sacchi
  • Samuel Valable
  • Sandro Rossi
  • Sara Marcatili
  • Saverio Altieri
  • Simone Savazzi
  • Stefano Agosteo
  • Sébastien Incerti
  • Valerio Ricciardi