13-16 September 2021
Europe/Paris timezone


Charlotte Kristjansen - The Gaudin matrix and AdS/CFT  slides

Balázs Pozsgay - Integrable spin chains with medium range interactions

Eldad Bettelheim - Exact Matrix Elements of the Field Operator in the Thermodynamic Limit of the Lieb-Liniger Model  slides

Gregory Korchemsky - Symmetries of energy flow operators

Konstantin Zarembo - Integrable D-branes  slides

Paul Ryan - Integrable deformations of AdS/CFT  slides

Zoltán Bajnok - Finite volume form factors  slides

Dmytro Volin - Flags, fusion, ODE/IM and Bethe algebra  slides

Simon Ekhammar - SU(2|2) Quantum Spectral Curves from Monodromy Bootstrap  slides

István Vona - Exact finite volume expectation values of conserved currents  slides

Nicolò Primi - Boundary integrability for cusped Wilson Loops in N=4 SYM  slides

Luke Corcoran - Combinatorial Solution of Non-diagonalisable Spin Chains  slides

Nikolay Gromov - QSC for AdS3 & Bootstrability - new approach to correlation functions in AdS/CFT  slides

Andrea Cavaglia - Separation of Variables in the fishnet CFT: the functional method  slides

Shota Komatsu - Coulomb Branch and Large Charge