GDR-InF annual workshop



Éthic étapes Le CART 31 Rue Emilien Dumas, 30250 Sommières 04 66 80 03 02

This year the GDR-InF annual workshop will take place at the Éthic étapes Le CART in Sommières. For pictures of the beautiful town of Sommières please see here. Getting to and from the workshop should be relatively easy with trains to Nîmes and either a shuttle from Nîmes to Sommières provided by the GDR (details to follow) or by public bus.

In this workshop we will gather together to discuss our current research activities and plan the future ones within the GDR-InF. 

Topics will be:

1) highlights of the most recent results from the intensity frontier;

2) presentations of the ongoing work of students and postdocs;

3) proposal of projects and new collaborations within the GDR-InF;

4) discussion of future perspectives for the Intensity Frontier

Organizing committee: Yasmine Amhis, Carla Benito, Aoife Bharucha, Giulio Dujany, Mark Goodsell, Diego Guadagnoli, Emi Kou, Jean-Francois Marchand, Stephane Monteil, Francesco Polci, Stephanie Roccia, Justine Serrano, Christopher Smith, Peter Stangl, Ana Teixeira, Michael Winn


                                                             (Photo thanks to OT Pays de Sommières)




Workshop Registration
  • Abhishek Iyer
  • Adam Morris
  • Ana M. Teixeira
  • Andreas Crivellin
  • Anja Beck
  • Anton Poluektov
  • Aoife Bharucha
  • Benoit Clément
  • Carla Marin Benito
  • Dawid Gerstel
  • Elisabeth Niel
  • Emilie Bertholet
  • Fabrice Desse
  • Fabrizio Grosa
  • Francesco Polci
  • Giampiero Mancinelli
  • Giulio Dujany
  • Guillaume Falmagne
  • Guillaume Pignol
  • Guy Wormser
  • Güney Polat
  • Halime Sazak
  • Jacopo Cerasoli
  • Jonathan Kriewald
  • Julien Cogan
  • justine Serrano
  • Jérôme Charles
  • Karim Trabelsi
  • Laura Ferraris-Bouchez
  • Laura Zani
  • Marc KNECHT
  • Mark Goodsell
  • Martin Novoa
  • Michael Winn
  • Méril Reboud
  • Nazila Mahmoudi
  • Olcyr Sumensari
  • Olivier Deschamps
  • Peter Stangl
  • Pierre Delahaye
  • Raul Iraq Rabadan Trejo
  • Sophie Mutzel
  • Steffen Georg Weber
  • Stéphanie Roccia
  • Thomas Grammatico
  • Yanxi Zhang
  • Yasmine Amhis
  • Zbigniew Andrzej Was