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12-23 septembre 2016
Institut d'Études Scientifiques de Cargèse
Fuseau horaire Europe/Paris

Invited speakers


Research talks

  • Gaëtan Borot : Nesting in the O(n) loop model on random maps of arbitrary topology
  • Luigi Cantini : Inhomogenous Multispecies TASEP on a ring [slides]
  • Dmitry Chelkak : Convergence of correlations in the 2D Ising model: primary fields and the stress-energy tensor [slides]
  • Sylvie Corteel : Combinatorics of orthogonal polynomials: how to build Koornwinder polynomials at q=t from moments of Askey Wilson polynomials
  • François David : Planar maps, circle patterns and 2D gravity
  • Benjamin Doyon : Aspects of conformal field theory from random loops [slides]
  • Jérôme Dubail : Correlation and entanglement in non-uniform one-dimensional quantum systems: the free fermion case [slides]
  • Steven Flores : Solution spaces of BPZ equations and monodromy-invariant CFT correlation functions [slides]
  • Christophe Garban : On the backbone exponent [slides]
  • Vadim Gorin : Universal local limits for lozenge tilings and noncolliding random walks [slides]
  • Nikolai Kitanine : Spin chains with generic boundaries, separation of variables and determinant representations
  • Karol Kozlowski : Microscopic origin of the c=1 universality class [slides]
  • Pierre Le Doussal : Replica Bethe Ansatz and KPZ: Catching the devil by the tail
  • Pascal Maillard : The nesting cascade of the loops in the O(n) model on random planar maps [slides]
  • Kirone Mallick : Matrix Product Ansatz for the Exclusion Processes [slides]
  • Raoul Santachiara : Conformal bootstrap approach to critical percolation [slides]
  • Lauren Williams : Exclusion processes, combinatorics, and orthogonal polynomials [notes]
  • Hao Wu : Schramm Loewner Evolution, Conformal Loop Ensemble and Gaussian Free Field [slides]
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