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Hauptstrasse 242 69117 Heidelberg Germany
Dirk Zerwas (LAL Orsay) , Gilbert Moultaka (L2C Montpellier, UMR5221-UM2/INP/CNRS) , Jamie Tattersall (Heidelberg University) , Patrick Foldenauer (University of Heidelberg) , Tilman Plehn (Heidelberg University)

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We are looking forward to welcome you at the IWH, Heidelberg University, from December 11 to 13 for the meeting of the GDR Terascale.

Please register as soon as possible, the registration deadline is November 28, 2014.

For travel reimbursement (members of French labs), please check with the member of the conseil of the GDR of your lab before November 14. If your lab does not have a member in the conseil, please contact Genevieve Gilbert. The e-mail addresses are available on the GDR Terascale web pages.

A limited number of rooms is available at the IWH for students. Please contact Jamie Tattersall for the reservation.

Your contribution to the programme is welcome. Please contact the coordinators of the corresponding session if you would like to give a talk:

  • Higgs: Christoph Anders, Sandrine Laplace, Christophe Ochando, Pietro Slavich
  • BSM: Michel de Cian, Marie-Helene Genest, Stephane Lavignac, Ana Teixeira, Patrice Verdier
  • Dark Universe: Jamie Tattersall, Emmanuel Moulin, Marco Cirelli
  • Tools: Veit Scharf, Benjamin Fuks and Nikola Makovec

You can find their e-mail addresses on the Web-page of the GDR Terascale. The ITP will offer the lunches on Thursday and Saturday as well as the dinner on Thursday evening in Haus Buhl.




  • Alessandro Calandri
  • Alexander Shires
  • Ana M. Teixeira
  • Anja Butter
  • Benjamin Fuks
  • Bjoern Sarrazin
  • Bradley Kavanagh
  • Christoph Anders
  • Damien Tant
  • Daniel Schmeier
  • Daniele Barducci
  • David Lamprea
  • David Lopez-Val
  • diego redigolo
  • Dirk Zerwas
  • Dorival Goncalves
  • Emilian Dudas
  • Emmanuel Moulin
  • Felix Bruemmer
  • Frédéric Mayet
  • Gaëlle Giesen
  • Giacomo Cacciapaglia
  • Gilbert Moultaka
  • Haiying CAI
  • Jamie Tattersall
  • Jean Orloff
  • Jean-Baptiste Flament
  • Jean-Baptiste Sauvan
  • Jean-Francois Grivaz
  • Jean-Loic Kneur
  • Jeanette Lorenz
  • Johann Brehmer
  • Juan Gonzalez-Fraile
  • Julia Harz
  • Julien Billard
  • Julien Masbou
  • Laurent Duflot
  • Lorenzo Basso
  • Lorenzo Bianchini
  • Luc Darme
  • Lucien Heurtier
  • Luminita Mihaila
  • Marco CIRELLI
  • Marco Taoso
  • Marie-Hélène Genest
  • Marija Marjanovic
  • Mark Goodsell
  • Marta Perego
  • Masaki Asano
  • Michel De Cian
  • Michel Rausch de Traubenberg
  • Nicolas Berger
  • Nikola Makovec
  • Nishita Desai
  • Paolo Francavilla
  • Paolo Panci
  • Patrick Foldenauer
  • Peter Schichtel
  • Pietro Slavich
  • Robert Ziegler
  • Sandrine Laplace
  • Sebastian Hoof
  • Sebastien Binet
  • Stefano Magni
  • Steve Muanza
  • Thomas Hugle
  • Tilman Plehn
  • Torben Schell
  • Ulrich Ellwanger
  • Ulrich Goerlach
  • Valentina De Romeri
  • Veit Scharf
    • 12:00 14:00
      Lunch at IWH 2h
    • 14:00 14:20
      Welcome 20m
      Speakers: Dirk Zerwas (LAL Orsay) , Gilbert Moultaka (L2C Montpellier, UMR5221-UM2/INP/CNRS) , Jamie Tattersall (Heidelberg University) , Tilman Plehn (Heidelberg University)
    • 14:20 16:00
      Dark Universe 1
      • 14:20
        Testing modified gravity with cosmological observations 40m
        Speaker: Luca AMENDOLA (Heidelberg University)
      • 15:00
        The Galactic Center GeV excess and its constraints 40m
        Speaker: Marco Taoso (IPhT Saclay/CEA)
      • 15:40
        Antiprotons from Dark Matter: constraints or signal? 20m
        Speaker: Gaëlle Giesen (Institut de Physique Théorique CEA Saclay)
    • 16:00 16:30
      Coffee Break 30m
    • 16:30 18:10
      Dark Universe 2
      • 16:30
        Generating X-ray lines from annihilating dark matter 20m
        Speaker: Mr Lucien Heurtier (CPHT, Ecole Polytechnique)
      • 16:50
        The neutrino background to direct detection of dark matter 20m
        Speaker: Dr Julien Billard (IPNL)
      • 17:10
        New Directions in Direct Dark Matter Searches 20m
        Speaker: Dr Paolo Panci (Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris)
      • 17:30
        Making sense of the local Galactic escape speed estimates in direct dark matter searches 20m
        Speaker: Mr Stefano Magni (Université Montpellier 2)
      • 17:50
        Partially Composite Dark Matter 20m
        Speaker: Dr Masaki Asano (Bonn University)
    • 18:10 18:30
      Conseil du Groupement 20m
      Speakers: Dirk Zerwas (LAL Orsay) , Gilbert Moultaka (L2C Montpellier, UMR5221-UM2/INP/CNRS)
    • 19:00 19:30
      Pre-Dinner drinks 30m Haus Buhl

      Haus Buhl


      Hauptstrasse 242 69117 Heidelberg Germany
    • 19:30 23:00
      Conference Dinner 3h 30m Haus Buhl

      Haus Buhl

    • 09:00 10:40
      BSM 1
      • 09:00
        SUSY searches with the ATLAS detector 20m
        Speaker: Mrs Jeanette Lorenz (Fakultaet fuer Physik, LMU Muenchen)
      • 09:20
        Higgs vs electroweak symmetry breaking in general gauge mediation 20m
        Speaker: Mr diego redigolo (LPTHE, Paris)
      • 09:40
        Excessive Higgs pair production from sparticles in the NMSSM 20m
        Speaker: Prof. Ulrich Ellwanger (LPT Orsay)
      • 10:00
        Two-Loop Higgs mass calculations in supersymmetric models beyond the MSSM with SARAH and SPheno 20m
        Speaker: Mark Goodsell (LPTHE)
      • 10:20
        Search for long-lived particles decaying into lepton pairs with the CMS detector 20m
        Speaker: Prof. Ulrich Goerlach (IPHC ULP)
    • 10:40 11:10
      Coffee Break 30m
    • 11:10 12:40
      BSM 2
      • 11:10
        Discovery potential for T'-> t Z in the trilepton channel at the LHC 20m
        Speaker: Dr Lorenzo Basso (IPHC Strasbourg)
      • 11:30
        Framework for Model Independent Analyses of Multiple Extra Quark Scenarios 20m
        Speaker: Daniele Barducci (University of Southampton / NExT Institute)
      • 11:50
        Lepton non-universality in BSM: b->sll decays 20m
        Speaker: Dr Alexander Shires (TU Dortmund)
      • 12:10
        Impact of sterile neutrinos in lepton flavour violating processes 20m
        Speaker: Dr Valentina De Romeri (CNRS)
    • 12:40 13:45
      Lunch in the city (not organised) 1h 5m
    • 13:45 15:10
      Higgs 1
      • 13:45
        ATLAS and CMS H->gamgam Run1 legacy results 20m
        Speaker: Nicolas Berger (LAPP)
      • 14:10
        ATLAS off-shell ZZ 15m
        Speaker: Mr Alessandro Calandri (Atlas)
      • 14:30
        Higgs couplings beyond the Standard Model 15m
        Speaker: Dr David Lopez-Val (CP3 - UCL)
      • 14:50
        CMS H->VV Interactions 15m
        Speaker: Mr Jean-Baptiste Sauvan (LLR Ecole Polytechnique)
    • 15:10 15:30
      Coffee Break 20m
    • 15:30 16:30
      Higgs 2
      • 15:30
        CMS ttH->bb using Matrix Element 15m
        Speaker: Mr Lorenzo Bianchini (LLR-Ecole Polytechnique)
      • 15:50
        ATLAS VHbb 15m
        Speaker: Dr Paolo Francavilla (LPNHE and Institute Lagrange de Paris - ILP (FR))
      • 16:10
        Mass Effects in the Higgs-Gluon Coupling: Boosted vs Off-Shell Production 15m
        Speaker: Dr Dorival Goncalves Netto (IPPP-Durham)
    • 09:00 10:30
      Tools 1
      • 09:00
        FADS 25m
        Speaker: Dr Sebastien Binet (LAL/IN2P3)
      • 09:30
        Fittino 25m
        Speaker: Bjoern Sarrazin (University of Bonn, Germany)
      • 10:00
        CheckMate 25m
        Speaker: Mr Daniel Schmeier (BCTP, University of Bonn)
    • 10:30 10:50
      Coffee Break 20m
    • 10:50 12:20
      Tools 2
      • 10:50
        DM@NLO 25m
        Speaker: Ms Julia Harz (Deutsches Elektronen Synchrotron (DESY))
      • 11:20
        Resummino 25m
        Speaker: Mr David R. Lamprea (Universität Münster)
      • 11:50
        Vacuum Stability in the Standard Model 30m
        Speaker: Mr Michael Scherer
    • 12:20 12:35
      Famous last words 15m
      Speakers: Dirk Zerwas (LAL Orsay) , Gilbert Moultaka (L2C Montpellier, UMR5221-UM2/INP/CNRS)
    • 12:35 14:05
      Lunch at IWH 1h 30m