11-15 June 2018
MILC (Maison Internationale des Langues et des Cultures)
Europe/Paris timezone

List of posters

All the posters (in format A0 portrait, fixed by thumbtacks) will be displayed during all the conference. 


LSST For Scientists: Making A Website That Works For Us

BANNISTER, Michele (Queen’s University Belfast) ; GILL, Ranpal ; BIANCO,
Federica (NYU) ; NORMAN, Dara ; VERMA, Aprajita ; AUBOURG, Eric ; WILLMAN, Beth ; ACOSTA,

Education and Public Outreach (EPO)

METZGER Kristen, Dr. BAUER Amanda, (Head of LSST EPO), and the Education and Public Outreach Team

Binary Population Synthesis with TRILEGAL and BSE codes. Toward an information rich simulated LSST catalog

DAL TIO, Piero (University of Padua; INAF - Osservatorio Astronomico di
Padova) ; GIRARDI, Leo (INAF - Osservatorio Astronomico di Padova)

Analyzing large-scale structure data with Apache Spark

PELOTON, Julien (CNRS) ; ELLES, Sabine (LAPP) ; CHOTARD, Nicolas (LAPP) ; JAMMES, Fabrice (LPC)

Combining Probes of Dark Energy in LSST

BLAZEK Jonathan (EPFL and OSU)

Searching for AGNs through variability with LSST: the lesson learned from VST transient surveys

PAOLILLO Maurizio (Università di Napoli Federico II)

Search for long-term brightness variations in light curves

JURKIC Tomislav (University of Rijeka)

Galaxy cluster mass estimate from weak lensing signal

Nicolas (LAPP); COMBET, Celine (LPSC - Grenoble)

The challenge of millimag calibration of LSST for cosmology

FEINSTEIN Fabrice (CPPM, Université de Montpellier/CNRS-IN2P3), COHEN-TANUGI Johann (LUPM, Université de Montpellier/CNRS-IN2P3), FOUCHEZ Dominique (CPPM, Aix-Marseille Université/CNRS-IN2P3)

Multi-channel Photometric Survey Telescope – Mephisto

Dr. ER, Xinzhong (SWIFAR,Yunnan Univ.)

Determining the PSF over the Full FoV of LSST using Gaussian Processes

Dr. LEGET Pierre-François (Stanford University)