11-15 June 2018
MILC (Maison Internationale des Langues et des Cultures)
Europe/Paris timezone

Visit of the CC-IN2P3 and LMA facilities

The visits of the CC-IN2P3 and LMA facilities are scheduled on Wednesday June 13, 2018 in the afternoon. Special transportation will be available from the conference venue (one way only) at 2:00 PM. For those who would like to come by their own means and, for everyone, to go back to the conference venue, a tram T1 station (named Université Lyon 1) is near the visits location.

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IN2P3 Computing Center (CC-IN2P3)

CC-IN2P3, the IN2P3 / CNRS data processing facility is preparing its infrastructure for the LSST era. In close coordination with NCSA and the LSST project, CC-IN2P3 will locally process half of the raw data for preparing the annual data release and host an integral copy of both raw and reduced data (images and catalogs), over the operations lifetime of the project.

In this visit, you will tour the CC-IN2P3 facilities, meet its team and witness how they are preparing for getting ready for LSST.

Website: https://cc.in2p3.fr/en/

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© Adeline MELLIEZ / CC-IN2P3 / CNRS


Advanced Materials Laboratory (LMA)

The LMA is particularly involved in the Franco-Italian program VIRGO and in the american program Advanced LIGO. LMA has coated the large mirrors for both interferometers (optics Ø 340 mm, 200 mm thick). These optics, among the most critical elements of the detector, allowed the first detection of gravitationnal waves and the first observation of neutron stars merger.

The LMA is also involved since 2007 in the LSST project and provides an expertise on the optics coating. For this purpose a special optical bench is under development to measure accurately the spectral response of the six band-pass filters. A proof of concept is ongoing by remeasuring the MegaCam filters. This work should demonstrate the impact on Science of a full characterisation of the filter optical response with sub-nanometer accuracy. 

Website: http://lma.in2p3.fr/Lmagb.htm

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© Cyril FRESILLON/LMA/CNRS Photothèque