22-23 January 2015
Europe/Paris timezone

The third EXILL workshop took place on January 22nd – 23rd, 2015 at CSNSM Orsay, France. It was devoted to presentations of physics results and other possible contributions related to the collaboration.

The workshop started by a meeting of the EXILL core group on Thursday 22/01.
All the following contributed talks were scheduled on Friday 23/01 (the detailed program of the workshop can be found in the pdf file at the bottom of this page):

Caterina Michelagnoli (GANIL):
Nuclear structure studies in the N~50-60 region

Daniel Doherty (CEA Saclay, IRFU/SPhN):
Spectroscopy of neutron-rich 86,87Se

Waldemar Urban (University of Warsaw):
Nuclear structure studies of the neutron-rich Se, Br and Rb isotopes from the EXILL measurement 2012

Clément Mancuso (IPN Lyon):
Neutron-rich Ru isotopes study in the cold-neutron-induced 241Pu fission: analysis status

Silvia Leoni (University of Milano and INFN):
Particle-core couplings close to the doubly-magic nucleus 132Sn

Stoyanka Ilieva (Institut für Kernphysik, TU Darmstadt):
Measurement of picosecond lifetimes in neutron-rich Xe isotopes

Alexandrina Petrovici (National Institute for Physics and Nuclear Engeneering, Bucharest-Magurele):
Coexistence phenomena in neutron-rich A~100 nuclei within beyond mean field approach

Natalia Cieplicka (INFN Milano and IFJ PAN Krakow):
Low-spin structure of 210Bi investigated in cold neutron capture reaction on 209Bi

Michael Thürauf (Institut für Kernphysik, TU Darmstadt):
Identification of low-energy isovector octupole states in 144Nd

Katsuhisa Nishio (JAEA Tokai):
Measurement of high energy gamma-rays accompanied by 235U(nth,f)

Ulli Koester (ILL Grenoble):
Future experiments


Organizing committee: Alain Astier, Costel Petrache, Theodoros Konstantinopoulos (CSNSM Orsay)

Sponsors: IN2P3 and P2IO



CSNSM bat 108 & Auditorium IPNO
IPN Orsay Bât. 100 91406 Orsay