Direct measurement of fission barrier heights of unstable heavy nuclei at ISOL facilities

17 janv. 2018 à 15:45
Aula Magna, Facultad de Física (Santiago de Compostela)

Aula Magna, Facultad de Física

Santiago de Compostela

Facultade de Física. Campus Vida s/n | E-15782, Santiago de Compostela | Galicia, Spain


M. Jozef Klimo (Slovak Academy of Sciences)


Fission barrier height is one of the least known nuclear parameters, with experimental data, acquired decades ago, existing only close to the line of beta-stability. Availability of heavy radioactive beam offers possibility to investigate their transfer-induced fission and thus probe their fission barriers. We will provide a brief summary of present status of the topic and then concentrate on the possibilities to stage experimental studies of fission barrier heights at new generation of ISOL facilities (EURISOLDF), which will be available in the near future. As an example we will discuss the experiment IS581, being prepared for execution at the HIE-ISOLDE facility (CERN), which will take advantage of the state of the art detection technique such as the active target TPC ACTAR.

Auteur principal

Dr Martin Veselsky (Slovak Academy of Sciences)


M. Jozef Klimo (Slovak Academy of Sciences)

Documents de présentation

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