ENSAR2 is the integrating activity for European nuclear scientists who are performing research in three of the major subfields defined by NuPECC: Nuclear Structure and Dynamics, Nuclear Astrophysics and Nuclear Physics Tools and Applications. Within ENSAR2, GDS, the Gas-Filled Detectors and Systems Network Activity, gathers experts of gas-filled detectors and systems to develop new techniques to overcome constraints such as high-intensity and charge deposition associated to heavy-ion beams.

GDS announces the second of its four Topical Meetings: Workshop on ACTive TARgets and Time Projection Chambers for High-intensity and Heavy-ion beams in Nuclear Physics.

The following topics will be covered:

  • Physics with Gas Detections Systems (GDS)
  • Active Target and TPCs: ongoing and forthcoming projects
  • Experiments with high-intensity and heavy ion beams
  • Gas properties for high-intensity and heavy ion beams
  • Ancillary detectors for high-intensity and heavy beams
  • Simulation for GDS
Santiago de Compostela
Aula Magna, Facultad de Física
Facultade de Física. Campus Vida s/n | E-15782, Santiago de Compostela | Galicia, Spain
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