Organizing Committee

Local organizing committee (LAPP)


  • Giovanni Lamanna
  • Dominique Boutigny
  • Nicolas Chotard
  • Jean Jacquemier
  • Gilles Maurin
  • Vincent Poireau (chair)
  • Thomas Vuillaume
  • Pierre Aubert
  • Jayesh Wagh (executive manager)


With support from:

  • Cécile Barbier
  • Myriam Froger
  • Lionel Bert-Erboul
  • Cécile Jacob
  • Brigitte Putanier
  • Delphine Pelloux
  • Patrick Letournel
  • Pierre-Alexandre Remaud
  • Sylvain Garrigues

For any general question regarding the workshop, please email us at:

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