7-14 March 2009
La Thuile
Europe/Paris timezone

Preliminary Program

XLIV Rencontres de MORIOND
Electroweak Session, La Thuile, March 7-14, 2009
Sunday morning 08.03.09
Jan Stark W and Z masses and production properties
Tom Phillips Diboson physics
Fabrizio Petrucci Standard Model physics at LHC
Giulia Zanderighi QCD and backgrounds for LHC
Thilo Pauly Readiness of Atlas detector and first physics
Emilio Meschi Readiness of CMS detector and first physics

Sunday afternoon 08.03.09
Nao Okazaki EW physics at HERA
Douglas Benjamin Higgs mass SM Higgs (Tevatron)
Yuji Enari Low mass SM Higgs (Tevatron)
Nicola de Filippis Higgs physics and beyond at LHC
Martin Goebel Electroweak fit and 2 Scalar Doublets
Abid Patwa BSM Higgs (Tevatron)
Marc Hohlfeld Searches in lepton final states(Tevatron)
Shin-Shan Yu Searches in photon and Jet final states
Christoph Stephan Beyond SM : noncommutative approach

Monday morning 09.03.09
Thi Nguyet Thrinh Search for new Physics at HERA
Karim Trabelsi Review of phi1,phi2,ph3 measurements
Mikihiko Nakao Review of radiative penguin measurements
Avdhesh Chandra Mixing and DeltaGamma_s, Tevatron
Rainer Sommer Perspectives for heavy flavour physics from the lattice
Fabrizio Bianchi Review of Vub and Vcb

Monday afternoon 09.03.09
Adriano Lai Readiness of LHCb
Aoife Bharucha B to K* mu+mu- : SM and beyond
Jonathan Lewis Lifetimes and rare decays (Tevatron)
Joao Costa Hot topic Babar
Andrzej Bozek Hot topic Belle
Amarijit Soni 4th generation and B decays
Elisabetta Baracchini Review of rare decays (Babar)
Federica Bazzocchi S4 and A4 -based flavour models

Tuesday morning 10.03.09
Vincent Tisserand EW fits CKM
Andreas Crivellin CKM and constraints on squarks
Viola Sordini EW fits UtFit
Ulrich Uwer B physics at LHC
Matthias Neubert Review on flavor in a warped extra dimension
Augusto Ceccucci The NA62 project at CERN
Adrian Bevan The SuperB factory project

Tuesday afternoon 10.03.09
Philip Rubin Results from Cleo_C
Meenakshi Narain Top properties (Tevatron)
Thomas Schwarz t-tbar production, etc (Tevatron)
Enrique Palencia Single Top (Tevatron)
Gudrun Hiller Flavour violation in SUSY
Andreas Winhart Lepton universality tests with NA62

Young Scientists Forum 1

Wednesday morning 11.03.09
Tommaso Spadaro Results from KLOE
David Phillips Results from KTeV
Emiliano Mocchiutti Pamela results
Marco Cirelli Dark matter and the PAMELA data
Joachim Isbert ATIC
Tsvi Piran Pamela and Attic: an astrophysicist's view
Timur Delahaye Antimatter cosmic rays : backgrounds or signals ?
Fu-Sin Ling Heavy scalar dark matter : constraints and observability

Wednesday afternoon 11.03.09
Cyril Grigon Dark matter: the MiMac project
Jules Gascon DM review and status of EdelweissII
Stephen Adler Solar system dark matter constraints
Annika Peter Solar sytem dark matter and simulations
Riccardo Cerulli DAMA results
Kathryn Zurek Dark matter in view of recent experiments

Young Scientists Forum 2

Thursday morning 12.03.09
Theodoros Geralis CAST results and Axion review
Nicola Giglietto First FERMI results
Martti Raidal On the origin of dark matter -SO(10)
Lorenzo Perrone AUGER results
Pierre Sokolsky HIRES final results and Telescope Array
Michael Kachelriess Source correlations and AUGER analysis
Giada Carminati Results of ANTARES
Carsten Rott Results of ICECUBE

Thursday afternoon 12.03.09
Young Scientists Forum 3

Boris Kayser Electromagnetic leptogenesis
Fernando Ferroni Cuoricino (double beta decay)
Gilles Vertongen Can LHC disprove leptogenesis?
Yuji Kajiyama Higgs dependent leptogenesis
Moriond Discussion

Friday morning 13.03.09
Laura Lopez-Honorez Instability in coupled dark sectors
Zelimir Djurcic MiniBoone (fermilab neutrino oscillations)
Mayly Sanchez Minos (long baseline neutrino oscillations)
Natalia Di Marco Opera (long baseline neutrino oscillations)
Daniel Hernandez Non-Standard neutrino interactions
Hide-Kazu Tanaka SciBoone
Philip Rubin Status of Daya Bay (nuclear reactor neutrino expt)

Friday afternoon 13.03.09
Antonio Palazzo Neutrino data and implications for theta13
Makoto Miura Proton decay in Super Kamiokande
Amanda Porta Double Chooz readiness (nuclear reactor neutrino expt)
Chiara Arina Reconciling dark matter and neutrino masses in SUGRA
Irene Tamborra Collective flavour transitions of supernova neutrinos
Lindley Winslow Kamland results (nuclear reactor neurtrino expt)
Timo Lewke Borexino results (solar neutrino detector)
Marco Picariello Neutrino dipole moments and solar experiments

Saturday morning 14.03.09
Mariano Quiros Theory Summary
Hassan Jawaheri Experimental Summary

Young Scientists Forum – Session 1
David Wardrope Early measurement of the W/Z cross section in the electron decay channels
Emanuel Strauss ZZ → l l nu nu production ( D0 )
Roberto di Nardo Measurement of Z → mumu cross section in LHC
Swarup Kumar Majee Unification in higher dimensional scenario
Joe Haley First evidence of WW,WZ->l nu qq at Tevatron
Marco Nardecchia Hierarchical soft terms and flavour Physics
Marina Rotaru General searches in HERA

Young Scientists Forum – Session 2
Alfredo Urbano SU(5) and A4
Niklas Mohr SUSY Searches in leptonic final states with CMS
J.F.Marchand Higgs in two photons
James Barnard Susy gauge singlets and dualities
Keti Kaadze TGC Limits and search for resonances in WZ final state
Anna Kaminska Particle production in the early universe

Young Scientists Forum – Session 3
Sarah Andreas Scalar dark matter and DAMA
Mario Kadastik Neutrino Yukawas at future colliders
Paul Lujan Measurement of topquark mass
Naoki Kimura Measurement of ttbar production cross section
Michael Bebronne Is antigravity possible?