Jun 12 – 16, 2017
IN2P3 computing center
Europe/Paris timezone

Efficient multi-band deblending

Jun 13, 2017, 10:00 AM
Amphitheatre (IN2P3 computing center)


IN2P3 computing center


Mr Peter Melchior (Princeton University)


LSST and similarly deep surveys have to deal with ~40% of all objects being blended with others. The classical deblending approaches are often insufficient for high-quality measurements of galaxy properties. Their failures are related to simplifying assumptions about the galaxy shape or massive parameter degeneracies for complex galaxy models, and the reliance on single-band imaging. I will present a new algorithm (Melchior et al., in prep.) that is natively represented in multi-band data, i.e. it considers the SED the fundamental unit of measurement instead of per-band fluxes, and constrains the galaxy morphologies in a non-parametric fashion to avoid unstable results and model biases. The resulting constrained optimization problem is efficiently solved with a novel deterministic proximal algorithm (Moolekamp & Melchior, in prep.) with guaranteed convergence. I will show results from simulations and deep HSC imaging, and discuss the substantial gains from combining ground- and space-based imaging.

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