Jun 12 – 16, 2017
IN2P3 computing center
Europe/Paris timezone



The venue of the workshop is conveniently reachable by public transportation. Lyon transport network is composed of subway, tramway and bus lines. The stop nearest to the venue is Université Lyon 1. This stop is served by both tramway T1 and tramway T4 .

The nearest subway stop is Charpennes (subway line A). At Charpennes you can transfer to both tramway T1 and tramway T4. The Charpennes stop is 5 stations away from Bellecour stop, located at the heart of Lyon. The journey from Charpennes to Bellecour by subway takes about 15 minutes.

TCL, the public transportation company, proposes several fares:

  • single ticket: valid for any kind of transport (subway, tramway, bus) for 1 hour, including transfers (price: 1.80 €)
  • ticket Liberté 2 hours: same conditions than single ticket, but valid for 2 hours (price: 3 €)
  • ticket Liberté 24 hours: same conditions than single ticket, but valid for 24 hours (price 5.60 €)
  • ticket Liberté 48 hours: same conditions than single ticket, but valid for 48 hours (price 11 €)
  • ticket Liberté 72 hours: same conditions than single ticket, but valid for 72 hours (price 15 €)

You need to validate your ticket each time you change lines, except from one metro line to another. The validation machines are located at the entry of each subway station and inside the tramway and buses.

You can buy tickets at vending machines which are located in all the subway and tramway stations. There you can pay using coins and major credit cards.

TCL provides a journey planner that you may find useful. In addition, you can download a schematic plan of major lines (subway, tramway and major bus lines)


From Saint Exupéry Airport to city centre and back

The RhôneExpress company operates a train linking the airport terminals to the Lyon Part-Dieu train station. At the train station you can transfer to subway, tramway or bus lines, for which you need a separate ticket (see above).

The ride to/from the airport takes about 30 minutes. A train departs every 15 minutes and the cost of one way ticket for one person is around 16€. It is also possible to purchase other kind of tickets. A discount is given if you purchase the tickets online, which is highly recommended anyway since the number of operating ticket vending machines both at the airport and at the Part-Dieu train station is rather insufficient.

A taxi is an alternative way to reach the city centre from the airport. The 22km-long ride takes about 30 minutes and may cost about 50€. In some taxis you can pay by any major credit card.