New Possibilities in Physics of Quarkonia

Amphi Darboux (Institut Henri Poincaré)

Amphi Darboux

Institut Henri Poincaré

11, rue Pierre et Marie Curie 75005 Paris

The focus of this Workshop is the Physics of Quarkonia: aspects related to description of hadronic structure as well as those concerning the utility of quarkonia in Higgs physics and in the searches of physics beyond the Standard Model.

Topics cover:

  • Exclusive production of Quarkonia
  • Radiative decays of Quarkonia
  • Mixing with light CP-odd Higgs boson
  • Radiative decays of Higgs boson to Quarkonia
  • Effective Theory approaches
  • Pentaquark and exotic states


The meeting will be held at the Henri Poincaré Institute in Paris on September 24 and 25, 2015.



Comité d'organisation: Sergey Barsuk, Damir Becirevic, Benoît Blossier, Emi Kou, Jean-Philippe Lansberg LPT, IPN, LAL Orsay

  • Andry Rakotozafindrabe
  • Antoine Gérardin
  • Benoit Blossier
  • Emi KOU
  • Hua-Sheng Shao
  • Ilse Krätschmer
  • Jean-Marc Richard
  • Jean-Philippe Lansberg
  • Jochen Heitger
  • Konstantinos Nikolopoulos
  • Lech Szymanowski
  • Renaud Boussarie
  • Yiming Li