4-8 juin 2012
LPT Orsay
Fuseau horaire Europe/Paris
International Spring School of the GDR PH-QCD


Presentation :

This school is organised in the framework of the GDR PH-QCD "Groupement de Recherche Chromodynamique Quantique et Physique des Hadrons". The organisation committee contains members of the following laboratories: CPhT, IPhT, IPNO, LLR, LPSC, LPT, SPhN. The aim of this school is to gather PhD students, post-docs and permanent physicists, both theorists and experimentalists, whose main concern is related to strong interaction in nuclear and particle physics. The scientific program is built in view of developing their skills and mastering the various theoretical and experimental challenges raised by the different electron-proton and electron-ion collider projects, which are presently under study in the USA and in Europe.

This school will be a strong and timely opportunity to gather the particle and nuclear physics community
involved in the study of strong interaction in multiple directions, both experimentally and theoretically, around federative projects which are among the major challenges for the field in the years to come. It should provide a lever to involve the nuclear and particle physics community in this dynamics, based on an existing potential at the highest level.

The school will focus on several key topics, in the spirit of an ideal machine which would combine a high center-of-mass energy, a high luminosity and beam polarization facilities. It will be devoted both to phenomenological aspects and theoretical problems, with a small touch about the experimental aspects of the different projects. Each of the four main lecturers, among the leading specialists of the field, will have a substantial amount of time (4 lectures of 90 mn for each lecturer) to cover the various topics in an extensive way. In addition, a presentation of the various projects and of their physics cases will be provided in the form of extended seminars.

Registration:  deadline 30th of April

The inscription to the school is free of charge. Coffee breaks, lunches are included.

Financial support for PhD students:
  deadline 20th of April for applications

A few grants will be available to partially support PhD students for their accommodation and travelling expenses. Applications for these grants should be sent to:

Samuel Wallon

Hervé Moutarde

It should include a short cv, a publications list and a short letter of motivation.

Program :

   Main lectures :

     - Alfred Mueller, Columbia University, New York (USA)

      High energy e-p and e-A scattering

     - Piet Mulders, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam (Nederlands)

      TMDs: theory and phenomenology

     - George Sterman, Stony Brook University, Stony Brook (USA)

      Factorization of hard processes

     - Marc Vanderhaeghen, J. Gutenberg Universität, Mainz (Germany)

      GPDs and spatial structure of hadrons

   Seminars :
      - Leandro Almeida, IPhT, Saclay

      - Nestor Armesto, Santiago de Compostela Universitad (Spain)

      - Franck Sabatié, SPhN, Saclay

Seminar given by participants:

A few slots in the program will be organised, for short seminars given by PhD students and post-docs.

How to reach the location of the school:

How to come to LPT

The school is financially supported by:

Labex P2IO, GDR PH-QCD, Université Paris Sud, CNRS, CEA/Irfu, HP3

Organisation committee:

Burtin Etienne (Irfu/SPhN)
Gelis Francois (IPhT)
Granier de Cassagnac Raphael (LLR)
Guidal Michel (IPNO)
Moutarde Hervé (Irfu/SPhN)
           (vice chair)
Pire Bernard (CPhT)
Tomasi Gustafsson Egle (Irfu/SPhN and IPNO)
Voutier Eric (LPSC)
Wallon Samuel (LPT and UPMC)


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LPT Orsay
Amphi I
Bâtiment 210 Université d'Orsay 91405 Orsay
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