Scientific Program

The Conference is concerned with many aspects of solutions and aims to bring together academic and industrial researchers from different fields of science and technology. The conference will comprise plenary lectures, keynotes lectures, as well as oral and poster communications.

  • Thermodynamics, kinetics and structure
  • Polymers, colloids, interfaces, and membranes
  • Bioinorganic biophysical and pharmaceutical problems
  • Supramolecular assemblies and nanostructures
  • Analytical and environmental aspects
  • Solvents and solutions under extreme conditions
Five plenary lectures (50 minutes each, 45 minutes talk, 5 minutes questions) will bring large emphasis to some hot topics of the field and will be given by: Dr. Christian AMATORE, Paris, France; "Electrochemistry, the challenge of 21rst century: from living cells to energy production" Prof. Majed CHERGUI, Lausanne, Switzerland; "Ultrafast studies on chemical and biological systems" Prof. Paul MADDEN, Oxford, United Kingdom; "Modelling ionic liquids" Prof. Toshio YAMAGUSHI, Fukuoka, Japan; "Structure and dynamics of liquids and solutions in confinement" Prof. Dr. Werner KUNZ, Regensburg, Germany; "Natural ionic liquids and green solution chemistry" Keynote and invited lectures (30 minutes each, 25 minutes talk plus 5 minutes questions), are scheduled: Keynote lectures will review a subject of general interest to the field of solution chemistry, and invited lectures will highlight a specific topic. Oral communications (20 minutes: 15 minutes talk plus 5 minutes questions) and poster sessions will also be scheduled. Two special lectures will be given in the frame of "Année Internationale de la Chimie":
  • Solution chemistry and preservation of archeological wood: the case of Vasa, Pr. Ingmar PERSSON, Uppsala, Sweden
  • Molecular gastronomy: a solution chemistry problem, Hervé THIS, INRA, France
  • Plenary Lecture

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  • Keynote Lecture

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  • Oral Session

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  • Poster Session

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