Conference venue

How to reach the conference site :
La Grande Motte is a resort station on the french mediterranean coast.
Shuttles are scheduled from the closest airport (Montpellier méditerrannée), the closest train station (Montpellier) and Marseille airport.

Planes to Montpellier méditerrannée airport:
Flights are available from Paris Orly airport through Air France and last roughly 1h15 (direct flight). Other companies are Easy Jet and  Ryanair.

Trains to Montpellier : 
Montpellier train station is easily reached by fast trains TGV from Paris gare de Lyon. TGV trains run every hour during the day from Paris to Montpellier and vice versa. Trip duration is roughly 3h20.
Other connections with important train stations are possible with Lyon (always by TGV, trip duration : 1h50, trains every  2 hours or less during the day) and Marseille (less  trains, not always TGV, trip duration from 1h30 up to 2hours).

Conference shuttles:
On the 28th of august, going to La Grande Motte :
from Marseille airport, leaving at 5:00 pm (trip duration : 1 hour and a half at maximum) 
Montpellier train station       Montpellier airport                   arrives at
2:00 pm                                   2:30 pm                          3:00 pm
4:00 pm                                   4:30 pm                          5:00 pm
6:00 pm                                   6:30 pm                          7:00 pm
8:00 pm                                  8:30 pm                           9:00 pm

Schedules for the return on September 2nd:
Departure from the resort at 1:00 pm to Montpellier airport (arrival ca. 1:30 pm) then to Montpellier train station (arrival : ca. 2:00pm)

Departure from the resort at 1:00 pm to Marseille airport (arrival ca 3:00 pm)

Scheduled Bus lines
The conference site at La Grande Motte is connected to Montpellier by scheduled bus line no 106 (estimated price 1.5 €)
The bus stop is "Le Ponant VVF" or "Club Belambra"
Time scheduled (in French click on "horaires" 106 été, beware of selecting the time for 2011 summer which will be available very soon):

The end of August is warm and pleasant with daily temperatures  between 25°C and 30°C.

 La Grande Motte enjoys a favourable climate. In this way, the setting of the Conference will provide a pleasant and stimulating working atmosphere.