15-16 October 2019
Université de Strasbourg
Europe/Paris timezone

Participant List

31 participants


First Name Last Name Affiliation Meeting Dinner
Jose Afonso Institute of Astrophysics and Space Sciences Not decided
Steven Allen Stanford University Yes
Tomasz Barciński Centrum Badań Kosmicznych PAN, Warsaw, Poland Yes
Mark Bautz MIT Yes
Enrico Bozzo University of Geneva No
David Burrows Penn State University Yes
Andrea Comastri INAF-OAS Yes
Adam Dacko CBK - Space Research Centre of Polish Academy of Sciences Yes
Valentin Emberger MPE Yes
Tanja Eraerds MPE Not decided
Phil Evans University of Leicester Yes
Michael Freyberg MPE Garching Yes
Catherine Grant MIT Yes
Matteo Guainazzi European Space Agency No
Jean-Philippe Halain ESA PRODEX Yes
David Hall Open University Yes
Sven Herrmann Stanford University Yes
Josef Hoell DLR Yes
Jonathan Keelan Open University Yes
Jamie Kennea Penn State Yes
Pierre Maggi Observatoire Astronomique de Strasbourg Yes
Norbert Meidinger MPE Yes
Kirpal Nandra MPE Yes
François Pajot IRAP Yes
Arne Rau MPE Garching Yes
Konrad Skup CBK PAN Yes
Mike Watson University of Leicester Yes
Grzegorz Wozniak CAMK PAN Yes
Monika Zuchniak CAMK PAN, Warsaw, Poland Yes
Jos de Bruijne ESA/ESTEC Yes
Andreas von Kienlin MPE Yes
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