15-16 October 2019
Université de Strasbourg
Europe/Paris timezone

Participant List

78 participants


First Name Last Name Affiliation Meeting Dinner
Sebastian Albrecht MPE Yes
Steven Allen Stanford University Yes
Marco Barbera Università degli Studi di Palermo, Italy Yes
Tomasz Barciński Centrum Badań Kosmicznych PAN, Warsaw, Poland Yes
Mark Bautz MIT Yes
Marcos Bavdaz ESA No
Enrico Bozzo University of Geneva No
David Burrows Penn State University Yes
Max Collon cosine BV No
Andrea Comastri INAF-OAS Yes
Adam Dacko CBK - Space Research Centre of Polish Academy of Sciences Yes
Thomas Dauser Remeis Observatory & ECAP Yes
Paul Drumm University of Leicester Yes
Valentin Emberger MPE Yes
Tanja Eraerds MPE Yes
Julia Erdley The Pennsylvania State University Yes
Phil Evans University of Leicester Yes
Abe Falcone Pennsylvania State University Yes
Antonis Georgakakis national observatory of athens
Catherine Grant MIT Yes
Matteo Guainazzi European Space Agency No
Jean-Philippe Halain ESA PRODEX Yes
David Hall Open University Yes
Sven Herrmann Stanford University Yes
Oliver Hetherington The Open University Yes
Josef Hoell DLR Yes
Jonathan Keelan Open University Yes
Douglas Kelly The Pennsylvania State University Yes
Jamie Kennea Penn State Yes
Ralph Kraft Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory Yes
Ole König Remeis-Sternwarte & ECAP Yes
Peter Lechner MPG HLL Yes
Raik Lehmann MPG HLL Yes
Maximilian Lorenz Remeis Observatory & ECAP Yes
Pierre Maggi Observatoire Astronomique de Strasbourg Yes
Israel Matute Institute of Astrophysics and Space Sciences
Norbert Meidinger MPE Yes
Thomas Mernik DLR Yes
Silvano Molendi INAF Yes
Christian Motch CNRS/Observatoire de Strasbourg No
Jacek Musial CBK PAN Yes
Kirpal Nandra MPE Yes
Jelena Ninkovic MPG Halbleiterlabor Yes
Julian Osborne University of Leicester Yes
Sabine Ott MPE Yes
Roland Ottensamer University of Vienna Yes
Carol Anne Oxborrow Danish National Space Institute Yes
Marguerite PIERRE CEA Saclay No
Mat Page UCL Mullard Space Science Lab Yes
François Pajot IRAP Yes
Emanuele Perinati IAAT No
Daniel Pietschner MPE Yes
Markus Plattner MPE Yes
Samuel Pliego IAAT No
Szymon Polak CBK PAN Yes
Gabriel Pratt CEA Département d'Astrophysique Yes
Andrew Ptak NASA/GSFC No
Arne Rau MPE Garching Yes
Thomas Reiprich Argelander Institute for Astronomy, Bonn University Yes
Agata Różańska CAMK PAN Yes
Manfred STELLER Institut für Weltraumforschung Yes
Thomas Schanz IAAT No
Adam Sikorski Space Research Centre Polish Academy of Sciences Yes
Konrad Skup CBK PAN Yes
Roberto Soria UCAS (NAOC)
Anamarija Stankov ESA-ESTEC Yes
Alexander Stefanescu ESA Yes
Rafael Strecker MPE Yes
Denis Tcherniak DTU Space Yes
Chris Tenzer IAAT No
Chris Thomas Leicester University Yes
Jintin Tran Max-Planck-Institute for extraterrestrial physics Yes
Neven Vulic NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Yes
Mike Watson University of Leicester Yes
Dan Wilkins Stanford University Yes
Grzegorz Wozniak CAMK PAN Yes
Monika Zuchniak CAMK PAN, Warsaw, Poland Yes
Andreas von Kienlin MPE Yes