12-16 June 2017
IN2P3 computing center
Europe/Paris timezone

Photometry extraction and validation using the HSC pipeline of HSC+u-band data in HSC-SSP deep fields

13 Jun 2017, 16:00
Amphitheatre (IN2P3 computing center)


IN2P3 computing center


Dr Jean Coupon (University of Geneva)


We obtained 300 hours at CFHT to conduct a u-band follow-up (CLAUDS program, u<27) of the HSC-SSP Deep fields (grizY, r<27), over 20 deg2. The u band is primarily used to find drop-out (high redshift) galaxies and compute photometric redshifts. Therefore it is necessary to combine the two datasets in a fully consistent way. To do this we developed tools to import the CFHT stack images into the HSC pipeline framework and ran the photometry extraction using the HSC pipeline tools. In this talk I will explain how we did it and I will show some validation results.
Topic: LSST stack beyond LSST

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