GDR Neutrino meeting in Saclay



  • Wednesday, 4 November
    • 10:30 12:30
      Conseil de Groupement (Room B4)
      Convener: Mr Dominique Duchesneau (LAPP CNRS/IN2P3)
    • 14:00 18:10
      GDR Neutrino plenary session: (Room B6)
      Convener: Mr Dominique Duchesneau (LAPP CNRS/IN2P3)
      • 14:00
        Le prix Nobel de physique 2015, les neutrinos à l'honneur! 35m
        Speaker: Mr Michel SPIRO (in2p3)
      • 14:35
        Nova experiment 40m
        Speaker: Joao Coelho (APC)
      • 15:15
        The bolometric way towards the inverted hierarchy of the neutrino mass: CUORE-0, CUORE, CUPID 35m
        Speaker: Claudia Nones (CEA/IRFU/SPP)
      • 15:50
        Status of STEREO 20m
        Speaker: Mr Stephane Zsoldos (LPSC)
      • 16:10
        New results from NA61/SHINE for T2K 20m
        Speaker: Mr Matej Pavin (LPNHE)
      • 16:30
        Coffee break 30m
      • 17:00
        SPHERE : detector for double beta, supernovae neutrino and coherent neutrino diffusion 40m
        Speaker: Ioannis Giomataris (Irfu/CEA Saclay)
      • 17:40
        Online Monitoring of the Osiris Reactor with the Nucifer Neutrino Detector 25m
        Speaker: Mr Jonathan GAFFIOT (CEA/DSM/IRFU/SPhN)
  • Thursday, 5 November
    • 09:00 10:00
      Working Group GT3: Neutrinos dans l'Univers
      Conveners: Dr Antoine Kouchner Kouchner (Laboratoire APC), Dr Cristina VOLPE (IPN)
      • 09:00
        Solar neutrino detection in a large volume double–phase liquid argon experiment 30m
        Speaker: Dr Davide Franco (APC)
      • 09:30
        Hadronic scenario for the Galactic Ridge 30m
        Speaker: Dr Antonio Marinelli (Pisa physics department)
    • 10:00 10:30
      coffee break 30m
    • 10:30 11:45
      Working Group GT2: Physique au-delà du Modèle Standard
      Conveners: Ana M. Teixeira (LPC Clermont), Dr Stéphane Lavignac (SPhT Saclay)
      • 10:30
        low-scale seesaw mechanisms and how to test them 30m
        Speaker: Dr Stéphane Lavignac (SPhT Saclay)
      • 11:00
        search for low-scale seesaw mediators at colliders 45m
        Speaker: Federico Ferri (CEA-Saclay IRFU/SPP)
    • 11:45 12:30
      Working Group GT5: Outils communs aux groupes de travail
      Conveners: Prof. Alessandra Tonazzo (APC Paris), Dr Anselmo Meregaglia (IPHC Strasbourg)
      • 11:45
        Recent neutrino cross-section measurements at T2K 45m
        Speaker: Sara Bolognesi (Irfu CEA Saclay)
    • 12:30 14:00
      Lunch 1h 30m
    • 14:00 15:25
      Working Groupe GT1: Détermination des paramètres du neutrino
      Conveners: Guillaume MENTION (CEA Saclay), Mr Laurent SIMARD (LAL)
      • 14:00
        Hyper-Kamiokande experiment 50m
        Speaker: Francesca Di Lodovico (QMUL)
      • 14:50
        Reactor theta13 review 35m
        Speaker: Dr Anatael Cabrera (Laboratoire APC)
    • 15:25 16:45
      Working Group GT4: Accélérateurs, Moyens de détection, R&D et valorisation
      Conveners: Dr Andrea Giuliani (CSNSM - CNRS/IN2P3), Mr Eric Baussan (IPHC/DRS/Euronu WP2)
      • 15:25
        Multi-Calorimetry in JUNO 25m
        Speaker: Dr Anatael Cabrera (Laboratoire APC)
      • 15:50
        A novel beam line for the measurement of the electron neutrino cross section 25m
        Speaker: Dr Anselmo Meregaglia (IPHC Strasbourg)
      • 16:15
        Making fast neutrons spectroscopy with neutrinoless double beta decay detectors: the multiple uses of massive Li2MoO4 scintillating bolometers 25m
        Speaker: Pierre de Marcillac (CSNSM)
    • 16:45 17:15
      Coffee break and End of meeting 30m
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