24-27 June 2014
Montpellier, France
Europe/Paris timezone

Conference venue

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How to reach Montpellier

Montpellier can be reached either by airplane, by train or by car easily. 
  • Montpellier airport has several connections a day with the two main Paris airports (Charles de Gaulle and Orly). Another way is to land in closeby airports (Marseille, Lyon, Toulouse or Carcassonne) and to take a train.
  • If you arrive at Montpellier airport there is a bus shuttle in connection with the city center (Place de l'Europe): the timetables can be found here: http://www.herault-transport.fr/fiche_horaire/120_octobre.pdf
  • Montpellier has about ten connections a day with Paris Gare de Lyon by fast trains (TGV) and a few connections with the Charles de Gaulle airport. You can find direct connection from Marseille, Lyon, Toulouse and even Barcelona.
  • By car it's easier to take the motorway A9 to reach the city.
  • To see the city center on google maps just insert Montpellier and "Place de la Comédie".
How to reach the conference center

The workshop will take place at the "espace Saint Charles". The best way to reach the conference site is to use the tramway (http://www.montpellier-agglo.com/tam/fr/carte_ligne/index.php). There are four tramway lines in Montpellier. The good one is the line 1 (the one with the blue trams). The stop corresponding to the conference site is: "Albert 1er de Belgique" . As most of the hotels are in the city center you have to take the tram in the direction "Mosson". 

The conference site entrance is 50 m from the tram stop. If you are coming from the city center you have to cross the tracks and enter the site (on left hand side) by a side door. The best to see the conference center is to insert Montpellier and "Place Albert 1er" on google maps. The conference building is the big square building on the left side close to the tram stop (Albert 1er de Belgique). 

Tickets are available at each tramway stops (one way:1.40 euros, in-back:2.50 euros, ten trips: 12 euros). You have to validate your ticket once you are in the tram. Alternatively you can choose other type of tickets (familly, seven days ...) but hence you have to buy them at the main TAM shop located close to the train station. It takes usually about 15 mn to reach the university from the city center (Place de la Comédie).

Of course you can reach the conference by taxi (ask the helpdesk of your hotel) or even by bicycle (http://www.montpellier-agglo.com/tam/page.php?id_rubrique=273).

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