ESCAPE European Data Provider Forum and Training Event



Markus Demleitner (Universität Heidelberg)

The ESCAPE project cordially invites researchers, technicians and librarians active in publishing astronomical data to its European Data Providers' Forum. As its predecessors, it will offer an opportunity to identify common challenges and problems in the dissemination of astronomical data, in particular using Virtual Observatory standards, to exchange solutions, and to share perspectives. The Forum will also be accompanied by hands-on workshops on common publication tools (DaCHS, VOLLT, MOCserver, and more).

ESCAPE is part of the European Union's Horizon 2020 program to establish a single collaborative cluster of next generation ESFRI facilities in the area of astronomy- and accelerator-based particle physics in order to implement a functional link between the projects and European Open Science Cloud (EOSC). Hence, the exchange among data providers at all scales at the EDP is of great importance for the ESCAPE project.

Location and Schedule

The EDP Forum will be held online in; the link will be disseminated to the registered participants.

The schedule is in preparation.


Registration is now open!

To aid us in planning, please register until Oct 20th

Call for contributions

Whether you are working for a big institution having archives with dedicated staff or you are just running a part-time, single resource data service: Please consider sharing

  • your experiences in adopting open standards and the tools provided for this purpose
  • your challenges when publishing specific sorts of data
  • elegant solutions for those you may have come up with
  • discoveries of tools that were particularly helpful.

The standard format for oral contributions will be 12 minutes plus 3 minutes discussion.

To submit a contribution, just add it when you register, or send a mail to; please include title and a short abstract.

We ask contributors to submit as early as possible. We accept talks on a first come, first serve basis and intend to have a preliminary programme by Oct. 20th.

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