1-11 July 2019
CPPM, Marseille
Europe/Paris timezone

Hiking in the Calanques

For some information about hiking in the Calanques, please refer to:

The web page of of Tourism Office of the City of Marseille (in English but quite short):

or to this more detailed site, but unfortunately in French :-(

Warning: during summer time the access to the calanques is stictly regulated because of fire risks. Click here to get a real-time information on access conditions.
For example today (Jul 15th), the access to "Les Calanques entre Marseille et Cassis" is listed as "Black", meaning access forbidden!

IMPORTANT: If you are planning to go hiking, please:

  • let us know, first (so we know where to look for you)
  • take a phone, sun protection and water with you
  • do not go alone; take one or several of your colleagues along with you

The easiest walk from Luminy is the "Belevédère de Sugiton":

Enjoy, but be safe :-)

In case of problems, call Eric KAJFASZ +33 (0)6 72 07 48 58.