Accommodation Arrangements

Accommodation: Centre Jean 23 Residence 

Shared accommodation arrangements (with breakfast) have been made for the school participants at the Centre Jean 23 Guest House. As per the availability of single bed rooms (20), some of the participants will be accommodated in the double bed rooms (20). If you would like to share the room with one particular school participant, please email us his/her name. The accommodation charges are included in the registration fees.

We shall confirm your reservation as per the arrival and departure dates mentioned on your registration form. If you plan to arrange your own accommodation (not recommended!), please inform us well in advance. 

We reserve the Centre Jean 23 rooms for the participants from 7th April (check-in) till 13th April (check-out). For the reservations outside the school duration, we request you to get in touch with Centre Jean 23

You can have a look at some photos of Centre Jean 23 Guest House at the bottom of this page.


Directions to LAPP from Centre Jean 23 Guest House

Its about 13-14 mins walk, please find the directions here. 


Directions to Centre Jean 23 Guest House from Annecy Train Station

  • Please note on Sunday 3rd June , buses will run according to Sunday/Holiday Schedule. You should take bus " I " from " Gare Annecy Quai Nord (Annecy station - Northern Platform) " in the direction of " Campus " terminus and get down at " I.U.T " bus stop.  
  • Bus " I " will have 5 departures from Gare Annecy Quai Nord (Annecy station - Northern Platform) on 3rd June at 10.00am, 11.57am, 2.45 pm, 4.46pm and 6.48 pm.
  • Directions from IUT bus stop to Centre Jean 23 Guest house please see this map.
  • By car/taxi: Its about 12 mins drive from Annecy Train Station, see the directions here.  
  • By Bus (On weekdays excluding holidays) : You can take either bus number 4 or bus number 2 from Annecy Station. See the directions with bus number here  (Bus Stop Name: IUT)& directions with bus number 2 here  (Bus Stop Name: PESSE).


Other practical information on Centre Jean 23

•Breakfast time 7.30am-9am.

•Reception is open till 7pm.

•From 7pm onwards use entrance code 4217 (parking code: 1425)

•Soap and shampoo are provided, but there is no hair dryer in the room.

Restaurants near Centre Jean 23:  the centre Jean 23 guest house is not located in Annecy city centre, and the guest house does not have an in house restaurant. You can find directions to nearby restaurants for dinner arrangements here (Roster, la trinquette, le duke, le WYN, etc.). Closest supermarket is here.


Q: Could you reserve a double room for me as I will be accompanied by another person ?

A: Depending upon the availabilites we may be able to arrange double bed rooms for participants with accompanying persons. However accompanying persons will have to settle the respective accommodation charges. Please drop us an email so that we can further assist you with payment procedure.     

Q: Could you reserve a double room for me with my colleague also present at the school ?

A: Yes, just drop us an email.

Q: Can I reserve a room in another Hotel in Annecy and could you reimburse me ? or provide me concession in registration fees?

A: No, we will not be able to reimburse you for your reservation in another hotel and we cannot provide you concession in registration fees. You will have to cover your accommodation charges if you opt to stay in a hotel.