20-29 August 2018
Europe/Paris timezone

Summer institute program

Timetable :

  Wednesday 22 Thursday 23 Friday 24
11:00-12:00   Brown Jockers
14:30-15:30   Hanany Benvenuti
16:00-17:00 Johansson    


  Monday 27 Tuesday 28 Wednesday 29
10:30-12:15 (with 15 min break) Tong (part I) Tong (part II) Tong (part III)
14:30-15:30 Penedones Zarembo Sever

Talks :

  • Sergio Benvenuti: "N=1 Gauge Theories in 2+1d: Dualities and Enhanced Symmetries"
  • Francis Brown: "Single-valued integration"
  • Amihay Hanany: "Branes, Small Instantons and Discrete Gauging"
  • Hans Jockers: "A 3d Gauge Theory/Quantum K-Theory Correspondence"
  • Henrik Johansson: "Heterotic and Bosonic String Amplitudes via Field Theory"
  • Joao Penedones: "Bootstrapping Multiple Scattering Amplitudes"
  • Amit Sever: "Non-Planar Scattering Amplitudes"
  • David Tong: "Lectures on 3d Dualities and the Quantum Hall Effect"
  • Konstantin Zarembo: "The Phase Structure of N=2* Theory at Strong Coupling and Supergravity"