8-12 October 2018
Ecole Supérieure de Chimie, Paris
Europe/Paris timezone

Poster Session

Poster size:

    The panels  to fix posters are vertical.
    Size is  90 cm  per 120cm  high.
    They can be fixed with Drawing pins.
   Drawing pins can be provided at registration desk

Poster session:

The posters will be displayed in the main hall where the coffee break takes place during the whole meeting. Presenters should install their posters according to the following schedule:


  •     Posters  from session 1, 2  and 3 should be on the panels from Monday 13h00 to Wednesday at 13h00
  •     Posters from sessions 4 and 5 should be on the panels from Wednesday 13h00 to Friday at 13h00

 We kindly ask to all poster presenters to stand at their poster at least during the coffee break corresponding to their session ( see sessions below)


Tuesday morning  10h30-11h00
Andrey Grinyuk Search and study of extensive air shower events with the TUS space experiment.
 Mohamed Cherif TALAI Ultra high energy cosmic rays simulations with CONEX code
Yusuke Inome and Tokonastu Yamamoto A Quality Control of High Speed Photon Detector
Foteini Oikonomou Blazar flares as the origin of high-energy astrophysical neutrinos?
Daniele Fargion UHECR 8 EeV dipole anisotropy hint of galactic pollution sources
Antony Escudie Multi-wavelength observation of cosmic-ray air-showers with CODALEMA/EXTASIS
Takayuki Tomida Development of the calibration device using UAV mounted UV-LED light source for the fluorescence detector
Corbin Covault The Auger@TA Project: Phase II Progress and Plans
Tuesday afternoon  16h00-17h00
Dusan Mandat Simulation of the optical performance of the Fluorescence detector Array of Single-pixel Telescopes
Ivan Karpikov A comparative study of the "muon excess" in extensive air showers
Daniele Fargion anisotropy by UHECR at 60 EeV ruled by lightest nuclei mainly originated from CenA, M82, NGC 253 near AGN.
Michael Unger New Constraints on the Random Magnetic Field of the Galaxy
Takayuki Tomida Atmospheric transparency measurement on Telescope Array site by the central laser facility
Armando di Matteo Investigating an angular correlation between nearby starburst galaxies and ultrahigh-energy cosmic rays with the Telescope Array experiment
Rosa Mayta Palacios Air Shower Structure measured with the Telescope Array Surface Detectors
Wednesday morning  10h30-11h00
Takayuki Tomida et al. Cloud monitoring at Telescope Array site by Visible Fisheye CCD.
Arjen van Vliet CRPropa 3.2: Improved and extended open-source astroparticle propagation framework from TeV to ZeV energies
Marcus Wirtz Origins of Extragalactic Cosmic Ray Nuclei by Contracting Alignment Patterns induced in the Galactic Magnetic Field
Francesca Bisconti The detection of UHECRs with the EUSO-TA telescope
Dmitri Ivanov TA SD Spectrum
Kevin-Druis Merenda The Atmospheric Electricity Studies at the Pierre Auger Observatory
David Schmidt AugerPrime implementation in the Offline simulation and reconstruction framework
Stavros Nonis Studies for High Energy air shower identification using RF measurements with the ASTRONEU array
Wednesday afternoon 16h00-16h30
Shoichi Ogio TALE surface detector array and TALE hybrid system
Mario Bertaina Search for Extreme Energy Cosmic Rays with the TUS telescope and comparison with ESAF
Kenji Shinozaki Cloud distribution evaluated by the WRF model during the EUSO-SPB1 flight
Analisa Mariazzi Determination of the invisible energy of extensive air showers from the data collected at Pierre Auger Observatory
Andreas Haungs Potential of a scintillator and radio extension of the IceCube surface detector array
Ryuji Takeishi Study of muons from ultrahigh energy cosmic ray air showers measured with the Telescope Array experiment
Andrew Koshelkin The Hard QCD Study In Terms of the GZK Limit
Sarah Mueller Direct measurement of the muon density in air showers with the Pierre Auger Observatory
Thursday morning  10h30-11h00
Mikhail Zotov Prospects of testing an UHECR single source class model with the K-EUSO orbital telescope
Hermann-Josef Mathes A novel method for the absolute end-to-end calibration of the Auger fluorescence telescopes.
Alvaro Taboada Nunez Preliminary results of the AMIGA engineering array at the Pierre Auger Observatory
Sofia Andringa Average shape of longitudinal shower profiles measured at the Pierre Auger Observatory
Anabella Araudo On the maximum energy of protons in the hotspots of AGN jets
Arman Tursunov Ultra-high-energy cosmic rays from supermassive black holes
Tim Huege Radio detection of cosmic rays with the Auger Engineering Radio Array
Laura Valore Atmospheric  Aerosol effect on FD data analysis at the Pierre Auger Observatory
Ralf Ulrich CORSIKA upgrade, plans and status