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8-10 novembre 2017
Europe/Paris timezone

The workshop aims at bringing together experts in the field of infrared aspects of Yang-Mills theories and QCD, in particular, in the context of (Landau gauge) correlation functions, both in the vacuum and at finite temperature and density. State of the art calculations employing various (lattice and continuum) approaches as well as crucial open issues concerning, e.g., the dynamical generation of a gluon mass, or the phase diagram and thermodynamics of QCD will be critically discussed.


Commence 8 nov. 2017 08:30
Finit 10 nov. 2017 15:30
483A - Malevitch
University Paris Diderot



This workshop is financed by the Fédération de Recherche Interactions Fondamentales (FRIF) FR2687 and by the CNRS grant irQCD (PICS270070).

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