14-19 January 2018
Centro Atomico Bariloche
America/Buenos_Aires timezone


Centro Atomico Bariloche

Av E. Bustillo km 9,500 · San Carlos de Bariloche, Río Negro, Argentina

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Entry Permit

The Centro Atómico Bariloche is a restricted area, and requests the following documentation in order to allow access:

1) Scanned copy of your passport.

2) Copy of the insurance that will cover your stay in Argentina.

Please send this shortly to diegomarques@iafe.uba.ar as the badge generating process might take some time.


Travel instructions


Currency and cash availability

The Argentinian currency is the peso (ARS). The (time dependent) current exchange rate is today about 17 ARS= 1 USD and/or 20 ARS = 1 EUR. Although credit cards are widely spread and many automated tellers are linked to major international networks, it is advisable to have some cash in local currency. 


Travel tips

The most common flight route to reach Bariloche is to first take a plane to Buenos Aires' airports and then to Bariloche. There are two international airports at Buenos Aires: Ministro Pistarini International Aiport (EZE) (also known as Ezeiza airport) around 25 kms away from the city, and .Jorge Newbery Airfield (AEP) (also known as Aeroparque) located inside  Buenos Aires city. Usually, long courier flights arrive at Ezeiza airport, while about 70% of the flights to Bariloche leave from Aeroparque Airport. The distance between the two airports is around 35kms, and the connection from one airport to the other takes at least one hour, and up to two, depending on traffic. If you are travelling directly to Bariloche, without a stop over in Buenos Aires, we strongly suggest to try and find a flight to Bariloche that leaves from Ezeiza. 

There are several flight companies which offer flights from Buenos Aires to Bariloche, the most common options being Aerolineas Argentinas and Latam. Both companies offer departures either from Aeroparque or Ezeiza to Bariloche and the flight duration is around 2hs / 2:20 hs.  

For the connection between Ezeiza and Aeroparque,  we recommend two options that can be arranged inside Ezeiza or online beforehand: Manuel Tienda Leon offers a shuttle bus or taxis from the official taxi ezeiza company (inside airport).

From some latinoamerican countries, and depending on the season, there are direct flights to Bariloche without going through Buenos Aires. They are usually cheaper. There are also connecting flights to Bariloche from Santiago, Chile.

European and US citizens do not need a visa to travel to Argentina. Only people holding passports from African and some countries in Asia need a visa. You can check here whether you are required to have a visa.


From Bariloche's airport to the city 

Bariloche's aiport, known as San Carlos de Bariloche Airport (BRC), is located 13 kms away from the city of Bariloche to the East. The easiest way to reach the city is to take a taxi from inside airport or a remisse (which is similar to a taxicab but with a pre-fixed fare). The other option is public transport, bus 72. This bus also connects the aiport with the main bus terminal of the city. The bus is relatively cheap (around 1 euro) and the taxi (or remisse) costs around 20 euros to reach the city center.


From Bariloche city to Centro Atómico

There are several buses connecting the city center with Bariloche Atomic Center (Centro Atómico Bariloche). The Atomic Center is around 10 kms from the city and is located at 9500 Exequiel Bustillo Avenue. These buses are numbered 10, 20, 21, or 22 (main route Exequiel Bustillo Avenue) and 51 (main route de los Pioneros Avenue). Several bus stops are along the city, for instance on 60 San Martin street most of these buses can be taken. Public transport costs around 1 euro.


From Bariloche's airport to Centro Atómico

We suggest to go directly from the airport to the Centro Atómico by taxi or remisse, which costs approximately 30 euros. If you take public transport you will have to go first to terminal bus station or to the city center and then take another bus from there (you can then follow instructions from above).  


Public transport in Bariloche

Once you are in the city different parts of Bariloche can be reached by public trasport. The main webpages are:  

http://www.barilocheturismo.gob.ar/en/public-transportation (english)

http://www.mibus.com.ar/ (spanish) 

http://www.sancarlosdebariloche.info/informacion_datos_servicios_bariloche/colectivos_urbanos.htm (spanish)