Jan 14 – 19, 2018
Centro Atomico Bariloche
America/Buenos_Aires timezone

The general goal of the workshop is to bring together experts in different aspects of String Theory, focusing on its duality symmetries and generalized geometry. The last decade has witnessed a growth in the activity in the field, mostly after the advent of the so-called Generalized Geometry and Double/Exceptional Field Theories. In these frameworks the string dualities are promoted to manifest symmetries, highlighting novel generalized geometric structures and exposing emergent stringy physical phenomena. 


The workshop will provide a friendly environment to create overlaps between the more formal and physical approaches, find applications of these frameworks, and move forward towards solving important open problems. These include: consistent characterizations of non-geometric backgrounds in string theory, dualities in the absence of isometries and localization in winding space, generalized geometrization of exotic branes, non-associativity and non-commutativity of compact coordinates, duality constraints on higher-derivative interactions, non-Abelian T-duality, implications for the string landscape, etc. 


String Dualities and Geometry is expected to help focusing the field and consolidating progress. We hope to welcome you in Bariloche in January.


Organisers: Gerardo Aldazabal, Mariana Graña, Diego Marqués, Carmen Núñez

Supporting organisers: Eduardo Andrés, Yago Cagnacci, Eric Lescano, Martín Mayo, Victor Penas



Eric Bergshoeff

David Berman

Chris Blair

Ralph Blumenhagen

Guillaume Bossard

Yago Cagnacci

Martin Cederwall

Athanasios Chatzistavrakidis

Gianguido Dall'Agata

Giuseppe Dibitetto

Adolfo Guarino

Falk Hassler

Olaf Hohm

Christopher Hull

Gianluca Inverso

Larisa Jonke

Ctirad Klimcik

Oscar Loaiza-Brito

Yolanda Lozano

Dieter Lust

Emanuel Malek

Martin Mayo

Ruben Minasian

Hermann Nicolai

Jeong-Hyuck Park

Michela Petrini

Erik Plauschinn

Fernando Quevedo

Felix Rudolph

Charles Strickland-Constable

Daniel Thompson

Alessandro Tomasiello

Hagen Triendl

Daniel Waldram

Barton Zwiebach







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