26-30 June 2017
Europe/Paris timezone

General information

This summer school is especially dedicated to young scientists (PhD students, post-docs, +/- young scientists) in the domain of theoretical and experimental nuclear physics, interested in acquiring a deeper insight into the theoretical and numerical methods used in modern few-body, mean-field, and shell-model approaches in nuclear physics.

The specificity of our school is to provide, together with a series of introductoring lectures, tutorial work on computer codes. It is therefore a quite unique opportunity for young scientists to get aquainted with such codes, to see how modern numerical approaches can be applied to complex nuclear-structure and nuclear-reaction problems. This may be of first interest to theorists, but also most profitable to experimentalists interested in formal and numerical aspects of the theory.

The present summer school perpetuates the spirit of the successful series of schools organized by the Theory Group of the Institut Pluridisciplinaire Hubert Curien (IPHC) in Strasbourg since 2001.

The typical daily time-table will be organized as follows: morning session consisting in lectures, afternoon session devoted to computer sessions (computers will be provided by the institute in a devoted lecture room).

The number of participants will be limited to about 20 participants.

Due to the limited number of participants, interested candidates should send us a provisional application as soon as possible to Herve.Molique@iphc.cnrs.fr (please indicate the name, age, institute, year of PhD and thesis supervisor).

Lecturers and lectures

  • Ludovic BONNEAU (CENBG-Bordeaux), Modern effective interactions
  • Rimantas LAZAUSKAS (IPHC-Strasbourg), Few-body systems
  • Hervé MOLIQUE (IPHC-Strasbourg), Group theory
  • Philippe QUENTIN (CENBG-Bordeaux), Mean-field theories and beyond
  • Nadya SMIRNOVA (CENBG-Bordeaux), Nuclear shell model
  • Andres ZUKER  (IPHC-Strasbourg), Exceptional seminar "Beyond the Shell Model"

Chairman and contact

Hervé MOLIQUE (Herve.Molique@iphc.cnrs.fr)

Organizing Committee