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Séminaire de doctorant: Search for Time Reversal Violation in Semi-Leptonic Decays with LHCb Detector.

par M. Mohamad KOZEIHA (LPC-Clermont-Fd)

Amphi Recherche (Dept de Physique)

Amphi Recherche

Dept de Physique

The Run I data recorded by the LHCb experiment corresponding to an integrated luminosity of $L = 3 fb^-1$ is analysed to study the decay $\Lambda_{b} --> \Lambda^{+}_{c} \mu^{-} \bar{\nu_{\mu}}$ . The aim is to measure the polarization of the $\Lambda_b^0$, $\Lambda_c^+$ and $\Lambda$ from ($\Lambda_{c} --> Lambda \pi^+)$, which permits to directly extract the asymmetry parameters using full angular distribution. The presence of spin-less pion ($\pi^+$ or \pi^-$) among the final particles enables us to have a direct entry to test separately both CP and T symmetries. Departing from the b --> c semi-leptonic decays, a new and original method is performed with the $\mu^-$ angular analysis in the virtual W-boson rest-frame.
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