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Séminaires, soutenances

Updating Search for New Physics

by Dr. Elvio DI SALVO (INFN Genova)

vendredi 23 juin 2017 de à (Europe/Paris)
at LPC ( Salle AVAN (1er etage) )
It is well-known that some data are not in agreement with the predictions
of the Standard Model, especially those concerning semi-leptonic B decays,
for which the discrepancy amounts to a few standard deviations.
Confirmations of these tensions are searched for by high energy
physicists, in order to arrive at constructing a new, more satisfactory,
theory. My seminar gives a short review of the recent efforts in this
sense: some semi-leptonic  decays are most promising, but also the
top-quark production and decays are indicated.