Main topics

1- Fundamental mechanisms and simulation, Microdosimetry :

Mechanism of track formation (physics-chemsitry) and simulation. Models based on Monte Carlo codes for light and heavy ions, but also for RX, neutrons, gamma rays and e-. Simulation in detectors, in Health applications (water radiolysis, hadrontherapy, radiobiology), and in dosimetry (micro- or nano- dosimetry in radiopotection and radiotherapy).

2- Dosimetry and Life Sciences :

Experimental work based on radiations on radiobiology (molecular, cells), imaging, radiotherapy. Radiation Measurements and calculation of dose after exposure: neutron, radon, RX, gamma rays, electrons, heavy ions in radioprotection (including space) and radiotherapy.

3- Astro and nuclear physic, accelerators

Tracking in fundamental nuclear and high energy physic (HZE particles, muons, neutrino, new particles), laser driven acceleration, beam characterisation…

4- Nanotechnologies – material modification

Using radiations with control of dose for nanoparticles, lithography, surface modification, polymerisation, reticulation …

5- Detectors and methods

Development, characterisation of track etch, luminescent, fluorescent detectors (gaz, solid, liquid, gel), nuclear emulsion... Applications in methodology for decommissioning, non proliferation, medical use …

6- Environment                      

Radioecology. Accidents (Fukushima, Chernobyl). Natural radioactivity (U, Th, Ra, Rn), fission track dating, geosciences…



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