Summer School

Proposal programm


European Summer School

22 - 25 august 2017

Radiochemistry and nuclear instrumentation
(low level radioactivity)

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Public :

           Effective income 40 students 



A - Lectures :

1- Radioanalytical methods

            Basic of An, Ln radiochemistry

            Extraction methods (liquid/liquid – resins - electrodeposition)


2- Detection and measurement of ionizing radiation

            Interaction of ionizing radiation with matter

           Detectors and spectrometry techniques


3- Radiation protection dosimetry

Units and quantities

Biological effects of ionizing radiation

Regulation on radioprotection and nuclear safety


3- Uses of sources of ionizing radiation

Natural sources

Medical and industrial applications

Civil nuclear industry


B- Practical work

1- Dose measurement in aqueous solution (H+ beam)

2- Liquid/liquid and or resin extraction of uranium

3- Gamma, liquid scintillation, alpha-spectrometry (electrodeposition)

4- Dose simulation with GEANT4


Practical works 3 and 4 will be coupled



C- Visiting - Conference

1- Cyrcé (IPHC Cyclotron)

2- Institute for Nuclear Waste Disposal: (Germany)

3- Conferences on regulation / nuclear Safety