8-13 July 2014
Château de Button
Europe/Paris timezone
1st Bulletin now available

Scientific Programme

The "Invisibles School 2014" is devoted to several aspects of neutrino physics. The school is aimed at Ph.D. students and young postdocs wishing to deepen their knowledge of neutrino physics.

The programme revolves around series of lectures, with several tutorials and workshops to introduce participants to research in the field. There will be numerous slots for informal discussions, as well as time allotted for individual study. A compact version of the schedule can be obtained here.

The lectures include:

  • Basics of neutrino physics - Renata Zukanovich-Funchal (2)
  • Neutrino theory (BSM and phenomenological implications) - Ferruccio Feruglio (3)
  • Neutrino experiments (long baseline, solar, atmospheric, reactor and neutrinoless double beta decay) - Debbie Harris (4)
  • Neutrino data analysis - Thomas Schwetz (2)
  • Neutrinos in cosmology - Julien Lesgourgues (2)
  • Effective theories (with applications for Higgs physics, dark matter and neutrino physics) - Howard Georgi (3)
  • LHC physics - Gilad Perez (2)
  • Dark matter and cosmology - Joe Silk (2)
  • Statistical methods and data analysis - Glen Cowan (2)
  • New geometrical approaches to amplitudes - Stephen Parke (1)

Past editions of the School: "Invisibles School 2013", Durham