22-26 juillet 2013
Fuseau horaire Europe/Paris

Lecturers and Organizing Committee

Lecturers :

Eric PILON LHC Physics (Th.)
Elisabeth PETIT LHC Physics (Exp.)
Pasquale SERPICO Neutrinos (Th.)
Pablo DEL AMO SANCHEZ Neutrinos (Exp.)
Fabrice PIQUEMAL Neutrinos (Exp.)
Philippe GHEZ Heavy Flavours
Pierre SALATI Astroparticle Physics (Th.)
Fernando BARAO Astroparticle Physics (Exp.)
Giovanni LAMANNA Astroparticle Physics (Exp.)
Damir BUSKULIC Gravitational Waves
Loïc ROLLAND Gravitational Waves
TBC Computational Tools

Local Organizing Committee :

DEL AMO SANCHEZ Pablo (Physicist organizer) tel +33 4 50 09 16 67
DI CIACCIO Lucia  (Physicist organizer) tel +33 4 50 09 16 24
FROGER Myriam  (Organizing secretary) tel +33 4 50 09 16 19
JACOB Cécile  (Accounting secretary) tel +33 4 50 09 16 03
BERGER Nicole (Additional organisation)  
LIEUNARD Sophie (webmaster)  
LYKO Nathalie (Accounting)  
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