22-26 July 2013
Europe/Paris timezone


Definitive timetable
Time 22nd July 23rd July 24th July 25th July 26th July 27th July
8h A Welcome speech Astroparticles Th 2 Computing 1 Gravitational Waves 1 D
9h R 8h30 Introduction to
the Standard Model
of Particle Physics
LHC Physics Exp 2 Computing 2 Gravitational Waves 2 E
10h R Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break P
10h30 I LHC Physics Th 1 Neutrinos Th 2 Computing 3 Heavy flavours 3 A
11h30 V LHC Physics Th 2 Astroparticles Exp 1 IDPASC Heavy flavours 4 R
  A         T
14h L LHC Physics Exp 1 Heavy flavours 2 Excursion Astroparticles Exp 2 U
15h   Astroparticles Th 1 Neutrinos Exp 1 Excursion Gravitational Waves 3 R
16h Reception Coffee break Coffee break Excursion Coffee break E
16h30 Reception Neutrinos Th 1 Neutrinos Exp 2 Excursion Gravitational Waves 4  
17h30 Reception Heavy flavours 1 Questions session Excursion Questions session  
18h Reception     Excursion    
20h       Social dinner