from Monday, 21 April 2008 (18:00) to Thursday, 24 April 2008 (20:00)
Palais Neptune Conference Center, Toulon

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21 Apr 2008
22 Apr 2008
23 Apr 2008
24 Apr 2008
08:30 --- Registration ---
Plenary Session I (until 18:30) (Salle Colbert)
09:00 Introduction and Welcome   (Salle Colbert)
09:30 Status of the ANTARES underwater neutrino telescope - Marco CIRCELLA (INFN Bari)   (Salle Colbert)
10:10 Status and prospects of IceCube neutrino telescope - Elisa RESCONI (MPI Heidelberg)   (Salle Colbert)
10:50 --- coffee break ---
11:20 The BAIKAL neutrino experiment: status, selected physics results, and perspectives - Vladimir AYNUDTINOV (R.A.S. Moscow)   (Salle Colbert)
11:50 EMSO: the European Multidisciplinary Seafloor Observation - Paolo FAVALI (INGV Rome)   (Salle Colbert)
12:30 --- lunch break ---
14:00 The Status of Very High Energy Gamma-ray Astronomy as of early 2008 - Arache DJANATTI-ATAI (APC Paris)   (Salle Colbert)
14:30 Status of extensive air shower studies at Auger - Etienne PARIZOT (Paris-7)   (Salle Colbert)
15:00 Status of the KM3NeT project - Ulrich KATZ (Friedrich-Alexander Universitat Erlangen-Nurnberg)   (Salle Colbert)
15:30 Status of the NEMO Project - Prof. Antonio CAPONE (Physics Department, University "Sapienza" and INFN, Roma)   (Salle Colbert)
16:00 --- Coffee break ---
16:30 Status of the NESTOR underwater neutrino telescope - Petros RAPIDIS (INP Demokritos, Greece)   (Salle Colbert)
17:00 Flavor Distribution of UHE Neutrino Oscillations at Neutrino Telescopes - Prof. Zhi-Zhong XING (Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences)   (Salle Colbert)
17:30 Transformative Ocean Science through the VENUS and NEPTUNE Canada Ocean Observing Systems - Stephen M. TAYLOR (Ocean Networks Canada)   (Salle Colbert)
Parallel session on Engineering for deep deployment neutrino telescopes (until 16:05) (Salle Colbert)
08:30 Low Power Multi-Dynamics Front End Architecture for the Optical Module of a Neutrino Underwater Telescope - Dr Domenico Lo Presti (Catania University)   (Salle Colbert)
08:40 Time over Threshold electronics for an underwater neutrino telescope - Mr George Bourlis (Hellenic Open University)   (Salle Colbert)
08:50 The NEMO-Phase2 data acquisition and transmission system - Dr Gabriele Giovanetti (INFN)   (Salle Colbert)
09:00 Qualification tests and readout electronics reliability analysis for the deep sea underwater telescope NEMO - Dr Stefano Russo (Universita` di Napoli Federico II)   (Salle Colbert)
09:10 Commodity, FPGA based, front end electronics for underwater neutrino telescopes - Mr Theodoros Athanasopoulos (NOA / IAF Nestor)   (Salle Colbert)
09:20 --- short break ---
09:30 Proposal for a reconfigurable on-shore Data Acquisition system for km3 scale underwater Neutrino telescope. - Anastasios BELIAS (NOA/NESTOR)   (Salle Colbert)
09:45 KM3NeT: Real-time Opto-electronic Readout System - Mr Peter Healey (CIP)   (Salle Colbert)
10:05 Developments for a passive optical node network for deployment in deep sea enabling time synchronous data readout. - Mr Jelle Hogenbirk (Nikhef)   (Salle Colbert)
10:20 Photonic technologies for future Very Large Volume Neutrino Telescopes - Mr M.J. Van der Hoek (Nikhef)   (Salle Colbert)
10:30 --- break ---
10:45 A low cost redundant store and forward DAQ system for KM3NeT, using copper in the Vertical String - Peter Jansweijer, P.P.M. (NIKHEF)   (Salle Colbert)
11:00 A proposal design for data transmission system on copper backbone - Dr Fabrizio Ameli (INFN Roma La Sapienza)   (Salle Colbert)
11:20 Wet mateable optical connector advancements - Mr Steven Thumbeck (SEACON Advance products LLC)   (Salle Colbert)
11:40 The electro-optical cabling system for the NEMO Phase-2 tower - Dr Antonio D'Amico (INFN-LNS)   (Salle Colbert)
11:55 KM3NET deep sea wet mateable connector: report of performed tasks and results - Dr Diego Torazza (I.N.F.N. Genova)   (Salle Colbert)
12:05 The sector of the Antares line to be deployed in the NEMO site - Dr Davide Piombo (Istituto NAzionale di Fisica Nucleare sez. Genova)   (Salle Colbert)
12:15 A comparison of AC and DC power feeding systems based on the NEMO experiences - Rosanna Cocimano (INFN - LNS)   (Salle Colbert)
12:30 --- lunch break ---
14:00 Positioning System of the ANTARES Neutrino Telescope - Dr Miguel Ardid (IGIC- Universitat Politècnica de València)   (Salle Colbert)
14:15 Acoustic tomography applied to the Baikal Neutrino Telescope - O Kebkal (Evologics GmbH, Berlin, Germany)   (Salle Colbert)
14:30 The acoustic positioning system for NEMO Phase 2 - Dr Francesco Simeone (Physics Department University "Sapienza" and INFN,Roma)   (Salle Colbert)
14:45 NURC expertise for Neutrino Telescope - Dr Alain Maguer (NURC - Nato Undersea Research Centre)   (Salle Colbert)
15:00 On line monitoring of the power control and engineering parameters systems of the NEMO Phase-2 tower. - Dr Angelo Orlando (INFN - LNS)   (Salle Colbert)
15:15 Time calibration and positioning for KM3NeT - Dr Simona Toscano (IFIC - Valencia)   (Salle Colbert)
15:30 Time Calibration of the NEMO apparatus - Dr Marco Circella (INFN Bari)   (Salle Colbert)
15:45 Calibration from ten to hundreds of meters in an underwater neutrino telescope - Mr Spyridon Koutsoukos (NOA / Nestor)   (Salle Colbert)
Parallel session on Physics (until 16:00) (Salle Raimu-A)
08:30 Results from the NEMO Phase1 experiment - Dr Isabella Amore (INFN-LNS)   (Salle Raimu-A)
08:50 ANTARES time calibration - Mr Francisco Salesa (IFIC-Valencia)   (Salle Raimu-A)
09:10 Atmospheric muons in the ANTARES detector - Annarita Margiotta (Sezione INFN and Universita' Bologna)   (Salle Raimu-A)
09:30 Monte Carlo simulation studies of the timing calibration accuracy required by the NEMO underwater neutrino telescope - Dr Rosario Megna (INFN Bari)   (Salle Raimu-A)
09:50 Reconstruction of hadronic cascades in large-scale neutrino telescopes - R Auer (Erlangen Centre for Astroparticle Physics)   (Salle Raimu-A)
10:10 Study of the calibration potential of HELYCON detectors with ANTARES - Dr Jean-Pierre Ernenwein (Université de Haute Alsace)   (Salle Raimu-A)
10:30 --- coffee break ---
10:50 Application of Kalman filter methods to event filtering and reconstruction for Neutrino Telescopy - Dr Apostolos Tsirigotis (Hellenic Open University)   (Salle Raimu-A)
11:10 Atmospheric MUons from PArametric formulas: a fast GEnerator for neutrino telescopes (MUPAGE) - Prof. Maurizio Spurio (University of Bologna)   (Salle Raimu-A)
11:30 KM3NeT: optimization studies for a km3 neutrino detector - Dr Rosa Coniglione (INFN-Laboratori Nazionali del Sud)   (Salle Raimu-A)
11:50 Study of the angular acceptance of a km3 telescope in the Mediterranean Sea - Piera Sapienza (INFN-LNS)   (Salle Raimu-A)
12:10 MC studies of the KM3NeT physics performance - Dr Rezo Shanidze (ECAP/University of Erlangen)   (Salle Raimu-A)
12:30 Software frameworks for KM3NeT - Mr Claudio Kopper (Erlangen Centre of Astroparticle Physics (ECAP), University of Erlangen, Germany)   (Salle Raimu-A)
12:50 First ideas for KM3Net on-shore data storage and distribution - Maya Stavrianakou (NOA/NESTOR)   (Salle Raimu-A)
13:10 --- lunch break ---
14:20 Predictions of the Diffuse Galactic Neutrino Flux in Light of New Milagro Data - Dr Andrew Taylor (MPIK)   (Salle Raimu-A)
14:40 Prospects for Identifying the Sources of the Galactic Cosmic Rays with IceCube - Alexander Kappes (UW-Madison)   (Salle Raimu-A)
15:00 KM3NeT sensitivity to neutrino bursts from galactic supernovae - Dr Rezo Shanidze (ECAP/University of Erlangen)   (Salle Raimu-A)
15:20 Individual GRB sensitivity of the cubic-kilometre deep-sea neutrino telescope KM3NeT - Damien Dornic (CPPM)   (Salle Raimu-A)
Parallel session on Photodetection (until 16:20) (Salle Raimu-B)
09:00 Photomultipliers from ET Enterprises Ltd (formerly Electron Tubes Ltd) - Mr Ronald Stubberfield (ET Enterprises)   (Salle Raimu-B)
09:30 Recent Progress in Hamamatsu Large Format PMTs - Mr Yuji Yoshizawa (Hamamatsu Photonics)   (Salle Raimu-B)
10:00 Title: The X-HPD -- A modern Implementation of a SMART Concept - Dr Christian Joram (CERN / PH Department)   (Salle Raimu-B)
10:30 --- coffe break ---
11:00 Crystal-based hybrid single photon detector development for the KM3NeT cubic kilometre neutrino telescope - G Hallewell (Centre de Physique des Particules de Marseille)   (Salle Raimu-B)
11:30 Hybrid Phototubes in Neutrino Telescope: Experience and Perspectives - Dr Bayarto Lubsandorzhiev (Institute for Nuclear Research of RAS)   (Salle Raimu-B)
12:00 A hybrid photodetector using the TIMEPIX pixel semiconductor for photoelectron detection - Prof. Gisela Anton (Erlangen Centre for Astroparticle Physics)   (Salle Raimu-B)
12:30 --- lunch break ---
14:00 Sensitivity of a multi-photomultiplier optical module for KM3NeT - Prof. Herbert Loehner (KVI, University of Groningen)   (Salle Raimu-B)
14:30 Instrumentation of A New Direction Sensitive Segmented Optical Module. - Dr Andrea Bersani (INFN Genova)   (Salle Raimu-B)
14:45 Characterization of a prototype of a new multianodic large area photomultiplier - Dr Emanuele Leonora (INFN CATANIA)   (Salle Raimu-B)
15:00 LED based powerful nanosecond light sources for calibration systems of deep underwater neutrino telescopes - Bayarto Lubsandorzhiev ((Institute for Nuclear Research of RAS))   (Salle Raimu-B)
15:20 Distribution of bioluminescence in the Mediterranean Sea and predicted effects on a neutrino telescope - Ms Jessica Craig (Oceanlab , University of Aberdeen)   (Salle Raimu-B)
15:50 --- coffee break ---
Plenary Session II (until 17:30) (Salle Colbert)
09:00 Commissioning the IceCube neutrino telescope at the South Pole - Brendan FOX (Pennsylvania State University)   (Salle Colbert)
09:30 The prototype string for the km3 scale Baikal neutrino telescope - Vladimir AYNUDTINOV (INR RAS)   (Salle Colbert)
09:50 Perspectives for High Energy Neutrino Astronomy - Dmitri SEMIKOZ (APC Paris)   (Salle Colbert)
10:20 The European Research Fleets - Vincent RIGAUD (IFREMER, Centre de Brest, France)   (Salle Colbert)
10:50 --- Coffee break ---
11:10 Experience in ESONET NoE and Standardisation issues for undersea observatories - Ingrid PUILLAT (IFREMER Centre de Brest, France)   (Salle Colbert)
11:40 Communications and Power for undersea Neutrino Telescopes - Ronan MICHEL (Alcatel-Lucent Submarine Networks)   (Salle Colbert)
12:00 Underwater matable electro-optical connectors: the feedback from Antares - Pascal VERNIN (CEA Saclay, Paris)   (Salle Colbert)
12:20 --- lunch break ---
14:00 Deep Sea Acoustic Neutrino Detection and the AMADEUS System as a multi-purpose acoustic array - Robert LAHMANN (University of Erlangen)   (Salle Colbert)
14:20 Biological Sonar and Noise Pollution - Michel ANDRE (Laboratori d'Aplicacions Bioacústiques (LAB), Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC))   (Salle Colbert)
14:50 Coincidences between Gravitational Wave Interferometers and High Energy Neutrino Telescopes - Thierry Pradier (IPHC Strasbourg)   (Salle Colbert)
15:20 Alert systems for Gamma Ray Bursts - Stephane BASA (LAM Marseille)   (Salle Colbert)
15:50 --- Coffee break ---
16:10 Development of Telescopes for Extremely Energetic Neutrinos - Prof. Steve BARWICK (UC Irvine)   (Salle Colbert)
16:40 Conference Summary - Emilio MIGNECO (INFN-LNS Catania)   (Salle Colbert)
17:10 Thank you, farewell and please remember to upload your papers! - Dr Greg Hallewell (CPPM)   (Salle Colbert)
18:00 --- Welcome cocktail and Registration ---
20:00 --- Conference Banquet ---
16:30 --- Visit to ANTARES infrastructures ---