22-24 April 2008
Palais Neptune Conference Center, Toulon
Europe/Paris timezone

Scientific Programme

The workshop will be devoted to survey the field of experimental neutrino astrophysics. We plan to discuss the physics requirements and technologies to be employed in the construction of very large volume underwater high energy neutrino telescopes.
The workshop will be organized in plenary and parallel sessions. The workshop programme will be defined by the International Scientific Advisory Committee and the parallel session conveners.
  • Plenary Session

  • Parallel Session on Physics


    neutrino fluxes, H.E. neutrino interactions, sensitivity to astrophysical sources, event reconstruction, detector design parameters, acceptances and resolutions, ...

  • Parallel Session on Photodetection


    Single photon- level optical sensors,
    including photomultipliers and hybrid photon detectors, also PM bases etc.

  • Parallel Session on Engineering for deep deployment neutrino telescopes


    electrical power system, cables and connectors, sea operations and shore installations

    Problems and solutions for non-corrodible structures, power supply, electrical and fibreoptic connectivity;

    Underwater mateable connectores (optic/electric / electro-optic)

    Construction and maintenance of deep sea cables

    Acoustic positioning systems;

    Large scale projects, sea floor and sea surface infrastructures, deployment and recovery strategies etc.