Apr 22 – 24, 2008
Palais Neptune Conference Center, Toulon
Europe/Paris timezone

Alert systems for Gamma Ray Bursts

Apr 24, 2008, 3:20 PM
Salle Colbert (Palais Neptune Conference Center, Toulon)

Salle Colbert

Palais Neptune Conference Center, Toulon

Palais des Congrès Neptune Place de Besagne Centre Commercial Mayol


Stephane BASA (LAM Marseille)


GRBs are the most energetic events in the Universe, associated with the death of massive stars (core-collapse supernovae), or the merging of neutron stars or black holes. Discovered in the late 1960s, their cosmological origin was demonstrated only in 1997 when the first distance (redshift) of a GRB was measured. Theoretical models predict that the very energetic processes at work in GRBs accelerate charged particles to such energies that they could contribute to the observed high energy cosmic rays. These processes will be discussed and the observational consequences, in particular for a next generation neutrino telescopes operational in the next decade, presented.

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