28 May 2012 to 1 June 2012
Autrans Site
Europe/Paris timezone

Scientific Programme

Lectures will be given partly in english (Bayesian analysis : a tutorial, Neural Networks, Fitting Higgs limits) and partly in french (Fundamental concepts, Numerical tool for bayesian approach, Chi2 and MLM, Boosted Decision Trees, Theory of multivariate discriminant, Statistics in Tracking, sPLOT)

I. Fundamental Concepts

Probability and Statistics
2 sessions of 1h30
Lecturer : B. Clement (LPSC)

Bayesian analyses: a tutorial
3 sessions of 1h30
Lecturer : D. Sivia (Oxford)

Fits, chi2 method and Method of Maximum Likelihood
1 session of 1h30
Lecturer : J. Baudot (IPHC)

Numerical Methods for a bayesian analysis
1 session of 1h30
Lecturer : R. Bardenet (LRI)

II. Mutlivariate Discriminant

Multivariate discriminant : theoretical introduction
1 session of 1h30
Lecturer/Intervenant : B. Kegl (LAL)

Neural Networks
1 session of 1h30
Lecturer / Intervenant : J. Therhaag (Bonn)

Boosted Decision Tree and application
2 sessions of 1h30
Lecturer/Intervenant : Yann Coadou (CPPM)

III. Tools and Framework

Unfolding: general and bayesian approach
1 session of 1h30
Lecturer/Intervenant : Francesco Spano (RAL)

sPlot: a statistical tool to unfold data distributions
1 session of 1h30
Lecturer/Intervenant : F. Le Diberder (LAL)

Setting limits for the Higgs boson :
2 sessions of 1h30 hr
Lecturer / Intervenant : L. Lista (INFN)

Algorithms for Trajectometry
1 session of 2h00
Lecturer/Intervenant : P. Billoir (LPNHE)

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