May 25, 2012
LPNHE and 23rd floor UPMC Council Chamber
Europe/Paris timezone
This Workshop is aiming at getting all theoreticians, experimentalists and engineers, involved or interested in the preparation of the g-2/EDM at JPARC experiment. Presentations of the current status and the ongoing activities will inform the french nuclear and particle physics community members on the activities of the already existing and growing g-2/EDM french collaboration. The impact of muon g-2 and EDM measurements will be reviewed in the context of the narrowing of the space for New Physics by the LHC experimental results.
LPNHE and 23rd floor UPMC Council Chamber
T12/22 room RC08 (9:00-15:30) and Tour Zamansky room 2300 (15:45-18:30)
  • Frédéric Kapusta
  • Naohito Saito
  • Tsutomu Mibe
  • Wilfrid da Silva