1-8 March 2008
La Thuile
Europe/Paris timezone

Preliminary Program

XLIIIrd Rencontres de MORIOND Electroweak Session,
La Thuile, March 1-8, 2008

Preliminary Program

Sunday morning 8H30

Tevatron, LHC and Brout-Englert-Higgs Mechanism


Jean Tran Thanh Van


Kohei Yorita

Search for SM Higgs at the Tevatron (low mass)

Lidija Zivkovic

Search for SM Higgs at the Tevatron (high mass)

Michel Tytgat

Electroweak symmetry breaking induced by dark matter

Andrew Haas

Search for non-SM Higgs at the Tevatron

Gustavo Burdman

Holography and symmetry breaking

Lyn Evans

Status of LHC machine

Del Aguila

See-Saw implications for the LHC

Sunday afternoon 17h00

Standard Model + searches


Jiyeon Han

W and Z production: Asymmetries, pT(Z), W+charm

Liang Han

Diboson physics

Fedor Bezrukov

The Standard model Higgs as the inflaton

Ytsen de Boer

Electroweak Measurements from HERA

Mathieu Plamondon

Commissioning of ATLAS and early SM measurements with leptons (W,Z and top)

Jose Ramon Espinosa

Unparticles, a View from the Higgs Window

Tim Christiansen

Commissioning of CMS and early SM measurements with jets and photons

Michel Jaffre

Searches for new physics in photon and jets final states

Sabine Kraml

SUSY dark matter

Monday morning 8h30



Emmanuel Sauvan

Model independent searches in ep collisions

Frank Steffen

Gravitino dark matter and collider implications

Soshi Tsuno

The first few fb-1; Potential for observing SUSY, Higgs (SM and BSM)

Ricardo Bellan

The first few fb-1; Potential for observing physics beyond the SM

Lisa Randall

Warped Geometry at the LHC

Sourabh Dube

Searches for new physics in lepton final states

Alberto Romagnoni

Moduli , anomalous U(1) and LHC phenomenology

Monday afternoon 17h00

Searches, Top, B, Theory


Giuseppe Barbagli

Model-dependent searches for new physics at HERA

Adam Falkowski

Kaluza-Klein Parity for Randall-Sundrum

Marc Besançon

Top pair production (cross section, ttbar reson, AFB...)

Yen Chu Chen

Top mass and other properties (charge, W hel,..)

Reinhard Schwienhorst

Single top production

Kellog Stelle

Supergravity : finite after all ?

Tagir Aushev

Measurements of phi1/beta and phi2/alpha

Ulrich Haisch

B -> X_s gamma: SM and Beyond

Antonio Limosani

Belle New result on B to Xs gamma decay

Tuesday morning 8h30

Theory, B physics


Elias Kiritsis

Holography: applications to strong interactions

Dmitri Liventsev

Belle New result on B to D** l nu decay

Michael Mazur

Semileptonic B and D Decays (review)

Giacomo Cacciapalia

Flavour in warped extradimensions

Hojeong Kim

BaBar Leptonic B decays

Gabriele Simi

BaBar Recent results on Penguin Decays

Nirmalya Parua

B lifetimes, rare decays,... at Tevatron

Gian Piero Di Giovanni

B Mixing and DeltaGamma_s, CP violation

Tuesday afternoon 17h

Heavy flavours



Jernej Kamenik

Delta F= 1 constraints on Minimal Flavour Violation

Anze Zupanc

Charm and tau decays

Alexey.A. Petrov

Implications of D0-anti D0 Mixing for New Physics

Viola Sordini

The CKM angle gamma (rev B factories )

Paul Harrison

Permutation Symmetry, Mixing and Jarlskog Invariance

Wednesday morning 8h30

Heavy flavours


Chul Su Park

Cleo results

Haiming Hu

R measurement in BES

Guofa Xu

Recent results with light hadrons in BES

Sébastien Descotes-Genon


Ernesto Arganda

Lepton Flavour Violation and mu to e conversion



German Valencia

Sigma -> p mu+ mu- Standard Model or new particle?

Eric Zimmerman.

Ktev results on rare decays

Wednesday afternoon 17h

K physics, CP , neutrinos



Marianna Testa


Sacha Glazov

KTev2 EpsilonPrime Results

Alec Habig

Minos Results

Ciro Pistillo

First neutrino events in the OPERA emulsion target

Thursday morning 8h30

Neutrinos, Astro Particles


Chris Polly

MiniBoone results

Richard Hill

Anomally mediated neutrino-photon inteactions

Ann Nelson

New interactions and neutrinos

Thomas Schwetz-Mangold

Miniboone, LSND and sterile neutrinos

Teppei Katori

Neutrino Xsections

Thomas Hambye

Low energy effects of neutrino masses

Ferenc Dalnoki-Veress

Results from Borexino

Roberto Santorelli


Thursday Afternoon 17h

Neutrinos, Astroparticles


Hylke Koers

Neutrino emission in gamma-ray bursts

Cécile Roucelle


Thierry Pradier


Sergio Palomares-Ruiz

Testing Dark Matter with Neutrino Detectors

Matthew Szydagis

COUPP : A Bubble Chamber for Dark Matter Detection

Jean Tran Thanh Van

Moriond Discussion

Friday morning 8h30

More Neutrinos – dark matter, cosmic rays


Roumen Tsenov

Harp results

Marco Vignati

Cuoricino : neutrinoless double beta decay results

Antonio Marrone

Neutrinos self interactions in supernovae

Jorn Kersten

LHC test of the see-saw

Raphael Lang


Sun Kee Kim


Jean-Francois Glicenstein

HESS results and High Energy gamma review

Silvia Borghi

CAST (axions)

Martin Javier Redondo

The low energy frontier: probes with photons

Friday afternoon 17h

Neutrinos, Cosmic rays, astroparticles


Andrea De Simone

Quantum Boltzmann equations in resonant leptogenesis

Oleg Lebedev

Neutrinos and strings

Fernando Arqueros

Air fluorescence yield

Ioana Maris

Auger Energy Spectrum & calibrations

Raffaella Bonino

Anisotropies & Correlations AUGER

Petr Tinyakov

Comment on catalog searches

Steve Ahlen


Gwenaelle Broudin


Saturday morning 9h


Chair: Jean Tranh Thanh Van

Marcela Carena

Theory summary

Ken Peach

Experimental summary

Young Scientist Forum – Part 1


Timothy Andeen

The Z transverse momentum distribution (Tevatron)

Wojciech Fedorko

Top Mass from l+j and l+l channels : 2 fb-1 (Tevatron)

Bjoern Penning

Higgs search in WW* to ee and mu-tau decays at D0

Christophe Ochando

Higgs search in ZH to nu nu bbbar at D0

Tatsuya Masubuchi

SM Higgs search in WH->lvbb : 2 fb-1 (Tevatron)

Dimitrios Varouchas

Higgs production through weak boson fusion in Atlas

Le Duc Ninh

Yukawa corrections to b anti-b H production (LHC)

Emmanuel Turlay

MSSM with heavy scalars: Discovery potential at LHC

Flavio Archilli

Ks decay in e+e- in KLOE

Young Scientist Forum – Part 2


Jacobo Lopez-Pavon

CP violation from non-unitary leptonic mixing

Steve Blanchet

Dirac phase leptogenesis

Amanda Deisher

Determination of the Bs lifetime using hadronic decays

Mathieu Bongrand

BiPo prototype measurements for SuperNEMO

Sezen Sekmen

Dark matter from Yukawa-unified SUSY SO(10)

Claire Picq

Determination of cosmic muon multiplicity in ANTARES

Dmitry Zaborov

Coincidence studies in ANTARES: K-40 and muons

Chiara Arina

Sneutrino dark matter in extended MSSM models

Emiliano Molinaro

Leptogenesis effects of lightest neutrino mass

Yves Lemière

Neutrinoless double beta with NEMO3 using 150Nd

Nicolas Bernal

WIMP mass from direct and indirect DM detection

Florian Bonnet

l_1 -> l_2 \gamma in type III Seesaw

Van Nguyen

NC Coherent pi0 Production (MiniBooNE - Antineutrino )